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Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 Developer’s Journal

With TEW’s "100 Reasons To Stay In This Summer" nearing completion, you will find many tidbits and new information have been revealed. Here’s a glimpse:

#34: Improved Owner Goals

The owner goals have been significantly overhauled for TEW08, with several changes to how they used to work.

The number of goals has now increased, with up to eight possible at any time. These are divided into three categories:

Corporate Direction – The most important, these are goals relating to the company itself, such as having to achieve a certain size or to reach a financial target.
Creative Choices – Medium importance, these are goals relating to your booking. These are all new to the game, and include goals like having to get Wrestler X to a specific level of popularity, or to keep Wrestler Y about B+ Momentum at all times.
Preferences – The lowest importance, these are general comments from the owner like not wanting wrestlers over a certain age to be signed, or not wanting anyone with low resilience.

The way these goals are assigned has also changed, to be more in-line with the promotion’s size and style. Furthermore, unlike TEW07, the owner can update the list with new goals at any point, rather than waiting until all of them have elapsed.

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