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WWE: CM Punk receiving major heat backstage yet again?

It’s safe to say that many wrestling fans have been scratching their heads since WrestleMania 24 as to why CM Punk has been on a noticeable losing streak on both TV and Pay Per View. After all, this is the guy holding a briefcase for a World Title shot of his choosing.

According to a new report by Bryan Alvarez in The Figure Four Weekly, there are some possibilities as to why this has been taking place recently.

It should be noted first that Punk was never scheduled to win the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match at WrestleMania 24 as the obvious frontrunner and planned winner was Jeff Hardy until he was suspended 60 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy a second time. The decision to have Punk was last minute as the company had no real plans for him to win the match and receive a major push.

For whatever reason, Punk has some major heat with many individuals in the WWE. Some of the reasons are considered valid, while others are quite frankly just flat out stupid (one of these being that he has been buried for refusing to go out and drink alcohol with the other wrestlers). Those who have known Punk for a while have stated he has a tendency to rub people the wrong way and that this dates back to his early career working the independent scene.

Another reason Punk may have heat is the fact that he was built up quite a bit on the independent scene and now there is a desire to prove that he was "overrated" to those who never saw a thing in him or his character. One WWE source has stated that Punk’s career could take the path of Matt Hardy where he would get small pushes here and there and always be used, but he will likely never break through as a top guy. WWE writer Christopher DeJoseph (who plays the Big Dick Johnson/fat oily guy character) has been moved into a leadership role on ECW and is said to be very high on Punk. However, since Punk appears to be on everyone’s you-know-what list lately, it appears that may not happen and this could explain his recent string of losses and being buried.

Punk lost on ECW last night to Chavo Guerrero.