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Breaking WWE News: Details of how the ‘Million Dollar Giveaway’ will work

The Associated Press published a story this morning that included new details regarding Vince McMahon’s "Million Dollar Mania" giveaway. Here are the details:

– The promotion begins next week on RAW (June 9).

– For a chance to win a part (but not all) of the $1 million, viewers must pre-register on and then watch the beginning of "Raw" each week to receive a special code, which viewers must tell McMahon if he calls them during the live broadcast.

– The code will change each week of the promotion and will not be revealed until the beginning of each episode.

– The cash will be given away as part of a "lengthy promotional sweepstakes", McMahon and the WWE told The Associated Press.

– "People can view this as my own version of an economic stimulus plan to benefit our viewers," McMahon told The Associated Press.