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WWE: Further updates/corrections on the Mick Foley/Amdram show

The following is from Jonathan Mankuta who is assocaited with the company producing the TV sitcom “Hey Dude!” (working title) that wrestler Mick Foley was supposed to be involved in. It relates to a story posted on Wrestling 101 previously HERE.

The following information is in error along with the following corrections:

The “development deal with CBS with a desired spot on HBO” is actually an Amdram Productions show that we have interest from multiple stations, but there has been NO commitment from Amdram Productions yet to any particular station, cable or network.

It is indeed a sitcom, and some of it’s elements have been compared in a similar vein to “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, but with many ground-breaking differences, and a very “edgy” type of humor. There is a lot of positive buzz about the show…unfortunately that’s how rumors start, hence my email to you to set the record straight.

The show is co-executive produced by Gail Bleckman, Jonathan Mankuta, Richard O’Sullivan, and Steve Strangio (all of Amdram Productions), and while it also would’ve involved Mick Foley as a co-executive producer had he not left due to other contract commitments (color commentator for Smackdown), Barry Bloom had NO involvement in the project nor was he to be involved in the production of it, (other than the negotiation of Mick’s contract as his manager).

It should also be noted that Gail Bleckman, while a friend of Mick Foley’s on a social level, did not go to high school with him.

The show is indeed still in production, but shooting is not committed to October; it will depend on the schedules of the talent involved.

A replacement for Foley’s role has NOT yet been chosen, and while a few well-known names have expressed interest in the role, some are indeed being considered: Kurt Angle, Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, and a few other pro-wrestlers, as well as rock star Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Rupert Boneham (“Survivor”) as well as a few other “known personalities”…

Amdram Productions is doing all the casting, not HBO.

It should also be noted that while Mick Foley would’ve played himself, it is indeed a scripted sitcom, not a reality show.

Thanks you very much for the opportunity to set the record straight.

Apologies to our readers and Amdram for any confusion over the story!