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WWE: Million Dollar Mania contest rigged?

According to one reader, WWE’s Million Dollar Contest is not as random as it appears. According to him, what happened is that his father was selected as "finalist" and the sponsor of the giveaway (E-Prize) called him a little before the start of Raw to confirm his name and address. After that was done, they told him that he was a finalist in the Million Dollar Giveaway and to keep his phone line clear until 11:10 p.m., as well as the television tuned to the USA Network. They select a group of finalists so they can have some people on standby in case Vince McMahon is unable to reach the pre-selected winners on the phone during the program. That pretty much explains why every single winner said they were watching RAW, including the first person selected, who happened to live in California. In California, Raw’s shown on a three-hour tape delay, although you can watch the USA Network’s East Coast feed if you have a satellite dish. This probably also explains why most of the winners didn’t sound too excited, because they already knew they were winning something beforehand, and it wasn’t a spontaneous reaction. Anyway, if they don’t call you before the start of Raw, then you won’t be getting a phone call during the show.