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WWE: Millian Dollar Mania suspended after events of last nights Raw announced immediately after Monday’s RAW that the Million Dollar Mania giveaway has been suspended.

In a story playing up the "injuries" Vince McMahon suffered during the final segment, in which the set blew out and then came crashing down on top of the WWE Chairman, the WWE website confirmed that the contest is "suspended for the foreseeable future."

The cancellation of the giveaway comes at an interesting time. After two weeks of poor ratings performance in response to the promotion, which led to speculation that WWE was seeking its immediate end, last week’s RAW rating finally moved upward. Some, naturally, expected that WWE might extend the sweepstakes’ life for several more weeks.

It seems that WWE will instead use any momentum the competition generated to promote the new injury angle involving Vince McMahon. The story said that an "investigation" is underway as to the equipment failure. An update was promised for tomorrow’s WrestleMania press conference.