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WWE/TNA: Kaz and Cornette both take shots at Santino Marella

On the recent installment of TNA’s Spin Cycle where a panel of guests sit down and are asked a series of wrestling and non-wrestling related questions posed by Jeremy Borash, Kaz and Jim Cornette poked more fun at WWE’s Santino Marella. When asked by Borash what one TNA superstar the panel would want to be stranded on a deserted island with for eternity, Cornette said that 15 minutes would be all he could take with any of them and he’d opt out and slit his throat.

Kaz then said he was sure that Cornette would have said Santino Marella and Cornette responded by saying "that wouldn’t take 15 minutes". Funny stuff as Cornette and Marella have a nice little "feud" going between the two. It dates back to an incident in OVW when Cornette didn’t think Marella looked "scared enough" when the Boogeyman entered the ring. The result? Cornette slapping Marella.

Recently, Marella did an interview and called Cornette a "loser" and also challenged him to a cage match. Cornette responded with the following:

"I appreciate the offer but i would rather wait and have this match with some one who can actually draw money. I am long past the point in my career where i need to work with comedy JOB guys! isn’t it funny that when i slapped him in the face 17 times in Louisville Ky. he was not too eager to fight then. but now safely hidden away in Canada at an AA meeting somewhere in Toronto protected by Jaques and Pierre, he suddenly wants a fight, But i am happy that i was able to make the Kid a name in the wrestling business since it doesn’t look like he is going to do it for himself! Thanks…..but NO Thanks."