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TNA: Knockout suffers major injury at indy show

TNA’s newest Knockout, Mickie "Moose" Knuckles, has apparently broken her leg after a botched attempt to to dive off a platform at the IWA Mid-South presents Summertime Black & Blues indy show in Joliet, Illinois. It is being reported by an eyewitness named Ed Chuman that the break looked similar to the break Sid Vicious suffered in WCW. Apparently Moose tried to outdo a previous spot where a wrestler jumped from a platform by jumping from an even higher one, and her opponent, Sara Del Ray, could not catch her properly.

In a post made earlier tonight on the message board, here is what Chuman had to say concerning the accident:

"I just got a call from some of the boys at Ian’s show tonight. They said Mickie broke her leg doing a dive. From what I understand she landed on one leg with all her weight & it snapped like Sid’s did back in WCW, but above the knee. This is a very sad thing too have happen to her especially with her work in TNA at present. I’ll I can say is how sorry I am to hear this, and wish her the best in her recovery.


It seems that someone else did a dive, and Mickie didn’t want to do the same dive, and decided to dive off some balcony, or higher position. Sara tried to catch her, but as stated before she came down on 1 leg, and that was that. I’ve now heard from Joey, Jason Dukes, Sara through Kong who already heard all the way in Tampa."

Another message board poster said that Knuckles ended up breaking her femur, which is the thigh bone.

One person in attendance added, "I was there and it was really bad to watch. As soon as it happened you just saw everyone get up and they waved Ian over right away and he made them cut the cameras too."