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FPU: WWE Great American Bash 2008 Review

Yes, I’m alive…I know it’s been long, but university combined with no Sky Sports at my residence (bitches ¬_¬) meant I had to take some absence. Well, whatever I’m back, and what better way to get my feet wet (again) than by reviewing the PPV you just watched ^_^.

Fatal Four Way – Miz and Morrison vs Jesse and Festus vs Finlay and Hornswoggle vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins : WWE Tag Team Championship Match

For most of the match, the action was uneventful to the point it was quite boring. However, near the end it picked up and I must say I’m quite impressed with Jesse and Festus moveset. Jeese is quite technical and Festus is agile for a big guy. WWE should get rid of the ring bell gimmick for Festus. They’ve not used it effectively and it’s too late to do anything about it. Another two good points is 1) Hornswoggle wasn’t in the ring for long and 2) Finlay and Horny didn’t win. They’re a great team for kids and easily entertained people but they should not be champs. Though saying that, some might question if Ryder and Hawkins should be champs. Let’s see if they can impress us.

Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy: WWE United States Title Match

It looks like Benjamin and Hardy had nerves because the early part of this match seemed awkward and slow. Thankfully it picked up and the later part saw some great near falls, counter wrestling and excitement. Very surprised Benjamin won the title since I figured WWE had hardy for a long title run. Either WWE has restored confidence in Shelton Benjamin or this is Hayes (or WWE) way of (still) apologising for the “n” incident. Anyway, congrats on Shelton Benjamin becoming the 21st person to have won the IC and US title.

Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas vs Tommy Dreamer w/ Colin Delany

Well it seems Mike Adamle is a Mark Henry fan or hates Tommy Dreamer (Tazz: “Will the ECW change hands tonight” Mike “Let’s hope not”). Anyway, Dreamer tried his best but every time Henry was on the offensive, it felt like a glorified snooze fest and since there was no way Dreamer was going to win this, it wasn’t a match that was able to create excitement. Still, the heel turn by Delany was unexpected and may have the potential to create a good feud – it gives Delany an opportunity to become more experienced and Dreamer a chance not to be squashed. Crap match, interesting end, don’t blame ya if you opted not to watch it though.

Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels

Notice how none of these guys had their usual entrance fireworks going off?! Makes the match seem very personal and all about respect and pride – nice touch. Great match until HBK got bloodied, then the whole ref thing checking on HBK kind of slowed it down to the point it was annoying. Also, fans may not be pleased with the UFC-style finish. This is one of the best feuds going on right now and though the finish may disappoint, it may help the feud become even hotter.

Michelle McCool vs Natalya

What the hell is Natalya wearing – freaking sweet! Though she actually had half her breast out before the camera (nicely) zoomed in. Anyway enough perving. Not much to say, watchable, but was the 2nd sandwich/toilet break (after seeing Natalya’s hot attire). The belt looks pretty though.

CM Punk vs Batista – World Heavyweight Title

Good back and forth match, with Punk holding his own and Batista performing decently. The match saw an abrupt end when Kane came down. A funny moment came when Kane suddenly turned around and took out a cameraman. Not HBK kick of doom funny but still made me laugh. Batista seems to be heading for a Heel turn but WWE needs to do this not too fast since a fair number of people still like Batista.

JBL vs Cena – Parking Lot Brawl

Well looks like this feud will go on for a month *groan* As far as the promises that this would be a war, were to go, it was a bit of a letdown. There were some brutal-looking spots like the JBL executing a DDT on Cena on a car roof. But it wasn’t anything edgy or bloody as it should have been. Also, it suffered from not having any crowd noise for the majority of the match. They should have at least had some plants or staff surrounding the cars and cheering, like the Smackdown car park brawl between John Cena and Eddie Guerrero. Good selling from JBL though.

HHH vs Edge – WWE

Good match though I expected Edge to be more in control, to show his angrier side. The spear to Vickie was pretty cool and she took it well. I see Edge feuding with HHH a little more since Edge is the only main event heel at the moment, although it will be interesting to see how this whole Edge and Vickie storyline will play out.

And now it’s award time:

Match of the night: Tough one this, since each match that had the potential to be great ended abruptly or didn’t get into fifth gear until later on. I’ll go for CM Punk vs Batista just for the fact it had the most energetic action.

Worker of the Night: CM Punk takes this because he worked well in a title match, showed some variation as well. Jesse deserves a mention because he seems to have solid wrestling skills.

Face of the Night: Well none of the faces were really outstanding in their behaviour but I’ll give it to CM Punk.

Heel of the Night: No doubt that Chris Jericho takes this. He showed such an awesome mean streak. Hopefully, he’ll feud with CM Punk at a later date and it should be another hot feud.

Surprise of the Night: Shelton Benjamin winning the US title. Before his jump to Smackdown, Benjamin was jobbing left and right and now he seems to be getting a push. The second would be Colin Delaney turning heel.

Highlight of the Night: Edge spearing Vickie and Kane booting the cameraman takes the honours together. Both were funny as hell.

Worst Match: Mark Henry vs Tommy Dreamer. The diva’s match wasn’t that decent but Natalya looked smoking hot which means the snooze fest from Henry takes it.

Worst Worker: Mark Henry retains the title and wins this award for god knows how many times (had I been consistent with blogging).
Well it’s been fun and hopefully I’ll be back with another article…something more meaty. For now, it’s more Crisis Core.

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Very nice review. It seems like you enjoyed it quite a bit more than i did though.
A bit lame that we are supposed to belive that HBK’s career is over because of something happened to his eye when he broke his back and returned WTF. 🙂
Thank you for this review.

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