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WWE Spoilers: Roster Changes As Of July 30, 2008

This is a new thing I will be doing whenever it needs to be done. Whenever there is a roster change or roster addition in the WWE, I will post it here. Similar to the way I do the Current Champions updates. It’s hard to believe that so much has changed around in the last two days, but here are the changes that took place and when:

  • Monday, July 28: It was revealed via that Hollywood Actor/Director/Writer Freddie Prinze, Jr. joined the WWE Creative Team. WWE confirmed this on their website on July 30.
  • Monday, July 28: At the end of RAW, Shane McMahon announced that RAW’s new General Manager is ECW Play-by-Play Commentator Mike Adamle. With Adamle being the new GM, he moved from ECW to RAW.
  • Tuesday, July 29: It was revealed at the top of ECW that Mike Adamle’s replacement as Play-by-Play Announcer is former Heat Commentator and former RAW Interviewer Todd Grisham, which means Grisham moved from RAW to ECW.