CBlog XX- Titles, RAW, & SummerSlam

I’ll get right into it and discuss last night’s RAW. The show was okay and about the same as it has been the last few weeks. I just hated the opening Cena/Batista segment. It was too much and anytime Cena is on the mic, it’s a horrible thing to endure.
I don’t really have a problem with Rhodes & DiBiase getting the belts back a week after losing them, it makes them look good and it adds to the Cena/Batista match, as well. Not to mention the fact that it looks good on Rhodes & DiBiase’s resumes.
Kane revealing Mysterio’s mask was a swerve that I did not see coming. I am interested to see where this new turn will end up at in this constantly developing feud.
The Marella/Phoenix angle is still comedy gold to me. Marella’s unibrow is just a great touch to Marella’s “unique” look.
I know this is a short blog this time around, but nothing really new came out of RAW this week. It was a simple “go-home” show for SummerSlam. I will either post a blog on Wednesday or after SmackDown on Friday. I will definitely be posting one after SummerSlam, you can count on it. Peace.