CBlog XXVI- Thoughts on WWE Unforgiven 2008

The 10’th WWE Unforgiven in Cleveland was just awesome and worth the $39.95 I paid. Sure, every match was not great, but I look at the overall when I judge a pay-per-view. Here are my thoughts on Unforgiven:
ECW Championship Scramble- This match really surprised me for an ECW Match. The match was good and it really set the tone for the other two Scramble Matches. The best moments of this Scramble was the last 15 seconds or so, with all five scrambling (I would say no pun intended, but I intended that pun) to get the last second pinfall. I was and am ecstatic that Matt Hardy is the NEW ECW Champion, it’s a long time coming and hopefully it is a stepping stone to either the WWE or World Heavyweight Title in the future. I am dissapointed that Jeff did not win the WWE Title though, but I never really thought he would, but it would’ve been nice.
World Tag Team Championship- A pretty good defense for Rhodes & DiBiase, but Cryme Tyme also held up their end. I thought for a while that Cryme Tyme might take the titles (I mean officially, not just stealing the belts). The other activities that the tag champions were involved in sort of overshadowed their match. One incident being in the post-match brawl, where we were introduced to Manu, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa (of The Wild Samoans). The problem I have with Manu is that he looks like Carlito & Umaga’s love child or something. He’s built like Umaga, but has Carlito’s old afro. This new stable of second generation stars is an idea I have been looking forward to since I heard some talk of it like 6 months ago. It seems as though they are putting Randy Orton into the stable as the leader of the pack and, to me, that makes it even better. This is a team I could see having all the gold with Orton as World Heavyweight Champion, Manu as Intercontinental Champion, and Rhodes & DiBiase as the World Tag Team Titles. Them attacking CM Punk (and Kofi Kingston) backstage was an awesome beat down, even though it kept Punk from competing and defending his title later in the night. I don’t quite understand this angle of keeping Punk out of the match. I guess it adds suspense as to who would replace him and it also guaranteed a new champion.
By the way, what happened to the WWE Tag Team Champions- Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder? They’ve dropped off the face of the earth for the past couple weeks.
Unsanctioned Match- This was a great match as well, even though it did not live up to my expectations of the match, as I expected more blood and more destruction, but it still had some great spots and it seems like this feud is not over just yet. Probably the greatest spot of the night was Michaels piling up Cade & Jericho on the RAW Announce Table and putting them through it with an elbow. Those straight shots with that belt on Jericho looked brutal.
WWE Championship Scramble- An okay Scramble Match, the worst of the three really. I was surprised that Kendrick even got one fall in the match, but he sure got victimized in this match. He got pinned about four times by my count. I knew Triple H would retain, but like I said, Jeff Hardy winning the belt would have been nice.
Big Show/Undertaker Segment- I was shocked by Big Show turning heel on Undertaker. I did not see it coming, though I should have. This brawl seemed to stretch a little bit too long, but it should be the start of an interesting feud, no doubt.
Divas Championship- Despite being the worst match of the night, it was a good enough match considering the two participants.
World Heavyweight Championship Scramble- This was the biggest shocker of the night for me. Jericho replacing Punk was the last guy I expected to fill in. I was expecting Orton or a surprise return by Cena. Even more surprising was Jericho actually winning the World Heavyweight Title. This adds an interesting new element to the Jericho/Michaels feud, as well as the World Heavyweight Title hunt. I imagine we will see Rey feud with Kane for a while; at least until No Mercy. Batista will probably be a player in that feud too, or he could butt in on the Jericho/Michaels feud like Jericho did with Batista/Michaels earlier in the year.
With all that happened at Unforgiven, RAW should be mighty interesting tonight. Expect my next blog after RAW (if it’s a good show, which I’m hoping it is). Peace.