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Update on incident involving Ric Flair and his daughter

The Associated Press has picked up the story regarding Ric Flair and his 22-year-old daughter Ashley, who was arrested and charged for resisting police. She was also tasered. To confirm, Flair was roughed up by his daughter’s boyfriend, leaving him bloodied and bruised. At 2:30 a.m. on Friday night, neighbors called police about a disturbance. When they came, they followed a trail of blood to his daughter’s apartment. Officers found Flair in a back room and the boyfriend in another part of the apartment. The daughter told police that everything was fine. Flair admitted to fighting the boyfriend, but didn’t press charges. “He was kind of elusive,” Lt. Kevin Gunter said of Flair. “He said everything was fine. Officers said he had a ‘no problems here’ kind of attitude. He just wanted ‘everything forgotten’.