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WWE: People having problems viewing Smackdown on MyNetworkTV?

Dot Net reader Rod Stetzer writes: In the Eau Claire-La Crosse market, MyNetworkTV is controlled by the local CBS affiliate. It airs on cable and with a digital signal. But that digital signal is not strong enough to air 90 miles away in Eau Claire. And DirecTV subscribers like myself are shut out of getting MyNetworkTV (even with subscribing to local channels), so we can’t see Smackdown. My guess is with the switch to digital next February, a lot of people who get the analog signal today of MyNetworkTV stations will be shutout. So I suspect this problem will grow.

-Dot Net reader Everett W. reports: MyNetworkTV is carried in Richmond, Va. on the local Fox station’s digital subchannel, 35-2. DirecTV may not carry the subchannel but it’s available on local cable systems and with televisions or converter boxes that can pick up the new digital signals.