CBlog XXVIV- WWE Cyber Sunday Predictions

I realize I have been getting less frequent with the blogs, but do not lose faith, I just happened to notice that I was posting a lot more blogs than anyone else on W101 and I thought I should have fewer ones. Anyways, as the title says, I will provide my predictions for Cyber Sunday. I will also speak on the release of Lance Cade.

First, my predictions for this Sunday’s Cyber Sunday:
World Heavyweight Title Match- First off, I think it is overly obvious that Stone Cold will get voted in to the match as the special referee. That much is certain. An interesting tidbit is that Stone Cold also served as Special Referee in the World Heavyweight Title Match at last year’s Cyber Sunday that saw Batista score his first win over The Undertaker. Anyways, I digress. I see Jericho squeaking out a back-door victory in this one. He’s only had the title since September 7, so I don’t see him losing it just yet. Maybe at Survivor Series.
WWE Title Match- I think the fans will vote for the Triple Threat Match. It’s obviously the best choice and the most logical for WWE to go with (as I question the legitimacy of the voting, as I have stated before). As for the winner, I see Triple H retaining. Vladimir Kozlov winning the belt is a possibility and he’s the number two guy in my book. Due to the Jeff Hardy incident, I give Jeff zero chance of winning the title for awhile.
ECW Title Match- Evan Bourne will get voted in, no doubt. Mark Henry will probably get the least votes. Finlay will get a few, I’m sure, but he’s nowhere near as popular as Bourne. While I would like to see Bourne win the ECW Title, I don’t see it happening. I think Matt will retain.
Big Show Vs. The Undertaker- The way the build has been, it seems that a Knockout Match would be the answer here. I see The Undertaker finally picking up a win in this feud.
Kane Vs. Rey Mysterio- I think No Holds Barred will get the votes and I think Rey will actually win, but will utilize a lot of weapons in the process.
Intercontinental Title Match- In what promises to be a pure comedy match, I see Honky Tonk Man getting voted in. Though the big question is if Honky will be able to compete. If not, I think we will see the Haasy Tonk Man. I expect Marella to retain, though it would be a treat to see Honky take the gold, even better if Haasy did.
United States Title Match- Despite being a exclusive and given a strict 15 Minute Time Limit, I think R-Truth will not only get voted in, but will win the U.S. Title. I don’t see his undefeated streak being compromised. While I predict a title win, it’s highly possible that Benjamin will get disqualified or counted out.
Pick The Tag Match- No doubt the World Tag Team Title Match will get voted in. I hope and I predict that Punk & Kofi take the belts in this one.
Divas Halloween Costume Contest- I say, who really cares? For the sake of predicting all the matches, I say McCool will win.
Now, the big shocked of last week was the release of Lance Cade. It was a shock to me and most of the fans. I was expecting him to be a future Intercontinental Champion. Details are sketchy, but this seizure story seems odd. I would like to see him back in WWE some day, but odds are not good on that.
I will post another blog following Cyber Sunday. Peace.

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