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WWE: Which Superstar Has Failed Upto 12 Marijuana tests?

As you probably know by now, a story recently surfaced regarding a number of WWE wrestlers being confronted about failing marijuana tests as officials are said to be fed up with the problem.

The failures are not considered violations of the Wellness Policy, but rather, simply result in a $1,000 fine. However, a couple of wrestlers were told outright to stop using now and warned them discipline for use is going to get a lot more serious soon.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted one wrestler in particular as failing for marijuana 11 or 12 times and that his push of not that long ago was stopped.

We can finally reveal who the wrestler in question is.

According to sources backstage, the wrestler in question who failed a dozen tests for pot is THE Brian Kendrick, whose push has stopped in recent weeks. Kendrick is said to be a frequent marijuana smoker who happily pays the fines to continue his habit.

Amidst the story of WWE’s marijuana crackdown, the Pro Wrestling Torch noted that one wrestler was let go this year as a result of his marijuana habit, at least on top of a few other things. The wrestler in question is Trevor Murdoch, who was released this past July. Murdoch is said to be a frequent marijuana smoker.