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The Worked Shoot #1: Former WWE Champ beats UFC Champ

Woooo!!!! Brock Lesnar is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion!
Brock Lesnar has beaten returning champion Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture. Not only that he has made history by being the only person to win a WWE Heavyweight Championship title and the UFC Heavyweight Championship. This is huge news for the world of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.
The implications are huge for the WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole it is free publicity, take a look at the headlines:
Former WWE Champ beats UFC Champ“.
Brock Lesnar is not the only winner in this and neither is the UFC. So who else is a winner? Well none other than Vince McMahon! The man who lost Brock when he left for the world of the NFL right when he was the hottest new heavyweight wrestler in the WWE complete with a legit amateur background. He got the biggest push ever and got over big time becoming the youngest Heavyweight Champion. It will be interesting if the WWE will capitalise on the success of Lesnar in the UFC. The WWE might look at expanding into the market of Mixed Martial Arts or just release a Brock DVD.
Here is how the action went down.
With the first round it seemed fairly even in the clinch with Couture doing well to try and neutralise the size and strength advantage of Lesnar. Out of the clinch there was some skirmishes. Come round 2 things hotted up with the combatants trading blows, Lesnar received a cut below the eye. Half way through the round Lesnar caught Couture with a right hand knocking down Randy, Brock followed up pummelling him on the ground unloading with is arsenal of hammer fists. The referee stopped the fight, as there was no response by Couture from this brutal attack, giving Lesnar the win via TKO (strikes) at 3:07 in Round 2 crowning him new UFC Heavyweight Champion.
Post fight Lesnar was very respectful to the legendary Couture, which was good to see especially when Brock was seen as the heel to most MMA purists, you should have heard the crowds disdain for the fighter! It made me laugh to see Couture smiling post fight telling Joe Rogan that he still feels like he is getting better, what after he just lost?! Surely he has got to his best with this being the time for the new blood to have their turn. In truth though his words are those of a winner, despite being bested by Brock. As has been said many times before about winning a fight “half the fight is in the mind”.
Here is a Dana White and Vince McMahon comparison for you, putting returning champ Couture in the title clash with Lesnar would be seen as a punishment if Vince had done this, but surely not UFC… it is a shoot after all eh? Looking back now it seems like Randy had no chance versus Brock it was almost a complete squash match or so it appeared. Well not entirely considering Lesnar was the one with the spilt blood. Honestly I do not see Dana and co having that same mindset to get one over their employee. Couture is too valuable a commodity to the UFC the word is the next move for the former Heavyweight Champion is to face Chuck Liddell with Liddell moving up a weight bracket to Heavyweight. This is another huge money match-up for the UFC. The proposed fight would take place on June 13th in Cologne, Germany. Apparently Randy Couture speaks German so would be ideal to promote the show. Randy sticking in the Heavyweight Division is a good move for him saving his body the toll of cutting weight, which is something he is better off avoiding at his age. Liddell will have a better opportunity at breaking through to the top as a Heavyweight where in recent times the competition has been thin. It sounds very positive for both parties. A match up possibility past Liddell versus Couture includes Liddell vs Lesnar which would be all kinds of awesome!

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