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WWE: Matt Hardy Speaks On Jeff Hardy Winning The Title

ECW Champion Matt Hardy recently spoke out on a number of topics during an interview with The Charleston Post and Courier. On his brother Jeff eventually winning the WWE title, Matt says, "I think WWE will pull the trigger on him…I hope they do because it’s something he totally deserves. He’s sacrificed his body and everything he has for the professional wrestling/sports entertainment business through WWE. I think it’ll happen sooner rather than later. Jeff has really grown up and matured a lot inside."

On his relationship with Edge and Lita, Matt says, "we don’t talk that often, but we get along fine. It’s just one of those things. Anything that happened in the past, whether it’s mistakes that I commit or problems that I encounter, you just have to look back and see what was wrong, but we need to correct this and make sure it never happens again. She’s doing OK. I talk to her every so often. We’re friendly and get along. It’s all good. You can’t sit back and hold on to something forever. It’s bad on you. It’s going to affect you going forward." You can read the entire interview at