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WWE RAW January 19, 2009 Results

The 817th edition of Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Allstate Arena in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago, IL.

Match Results

  • 6-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal: Randy Orton def. Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, & Kane
  • Non-Title: Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly by pin following the Glam Slam.
  • Intercontinental Championship: No DQ: CM Punk def. William Regal (c) by pin following the GTS to win the Intercontinental Title.
  • Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox by DQ after Mike Knox refused to stop assaulting Rey Mysterio.
  • Non-Title: Cryme Tyme (RAW) def. The Miz & John Morrison (ECW) by Shad pinning John Morrison following the Shad Sweep.
  • Melina def. Jillian by sunset flip roll-up.

Match Quality

  1. Intercontinental Championship
  2. 6-Man Battle Royal
  3. Cryme Tyme Vs. The Miz & John Morrison
  4. Mike Knox Vs. Rey Mysterio
  5. Beth Phoenix Vs. Kelly Kelly
  6. Melina Vs. Jillian


Mr. McMahon returned to RAW and reinstated Chris Jericho (after Jericho apologized to Stephanie McMahon and she reinstated him) and was going to fire Randy Orton, but Orton slapped him and punted him in the head. McMahon had to be wheeled out of the arena.

CM Punk from RAW and Finlay & Mark Henry from ECW are confirmed for the Royal Rumble Match this Sunday.

CM Punk’s title win is the first time the Intercontinental Title has changed hands in Chicago since September 2003 when Rob Van Dam won the title.