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SSP #2: The Undertaker and his WrestleMania Undefeated Streak

The Undertakers Wrestlemania winning streak has been a topic of conversation among wrestling fans for many years, but as each year ticks on, more and more people keep debating over the ending of this streak. Will The Undertaker end it himself or will someone end it for him?

Wrestlemania 25 is upon us and the same questions are being discussed this year. What am I going to discuss in this edition of the Shooting Star Press is the ongoing debate over this topic. In addition to my own thoughts I will go over several rumours and ideas that may see this streak come to an end; including the pro’s and con’s as I see them.

The Current Streak as it stands today:

1991 – Wrestlemania VII – Jimmy Snuka
1992 – Wrestlemania VIII- Jake “The Snake” Roberts
1993 – Wrestlemania IX – Giant Gonzales
1995 – Wrestlemania XI – King Kong Buddy
1996 – Wrestlemania XII – Kevin “Diesel” Nash
1997 – Wrestlemania 13 – Sycho Sid
1998 – Wrestlemania XIV – Kane
1999 – Wrestlemania XV – The Big Boss Man
2001 – Wrestlemania X-7 – Triple H
2002 – Wrestlemania X-8 – Ric Flair
2003 – Wrestlemania XIX – The Big Show & A-Train
2004 – Wrestlemania XX – Kane
2005 – Wrestlemania 21 – Randy Orton
2006 – Wrestlemania 22 – Mark Henry
2007 – Wrestlemania 23 – Batista
2008 – Wrestlemania 24 – Edge

Although real wrestling fans and especially Undertaker fans have always kept track of the streak, the WWE have only really hyped the streak over the last five years. They have even gone as far as releasing a 15-0 DVD for it after Wrestlemania 23 (a clever idea that I will explain as I go along).

Up to a certain point, The Undertaker was in several feuds leading into Wrestlemania where the winning streak was never a factor, to the WWE that is. It may have been mentioned, but not to the extent that it is spoken about today.

When the WWE started really hyping the streak it was around the time that one Randy Orton was taking out legends left right and centre. He was on a role and Undertaker was next on his list. At the time I thought this is it for the streak, WWE are talking about it too much and Orton is a big up and comer. It will get him over big time, but it didn’t happen like that, Orton was defeated at Wrestlemania 21 by the dead man.

Since then the WWE have hyped the streak every year and have tried to insert something into the match or situation to make us believe that the streak will end.

Mark Henry 2006, Casket Match, Rumours circled about the dead mans retirement and the casket match would have been an appropriate way to go. However, with the streak on the line, nobody wanted Mark Henry to end it and to be honest I don’t think anybody thought he could.
2007 is around the corner and the WWE need to start making plans for Wrestlemania, Its time for The Undertaker to win the Royal Rumble and be put into a championship match against Batista. Now this time round the WWE do a good job of hyping the belief in the streak ending. The title is on the line as well as the streak, people start believing its possible for Batista to do it right?…Wrong! The Undertaker was given the belt in what everybody thought was going to be the phenom’s last title reign. After that, Undertaker picks up an injury and is out, the title reign will have to wait for another year.

2008 roles around, Undertaker is ready for his title reign and this time he has to get past Edge. The WWE try and really make us think Undertaker is losing it this time, Edge buries the winning streak on Smackdown, its officially hyped as having the streak and the title on the line. The WWE even go as far as to release the DVD 15-0. Why would they do that only to release another next year? The streak must end this year? Or so we thought…not this year either. Undertaker wins despite the doubt the WWE supposedly put in our minds.

It’s now 2009 fresh off the Royal Rumble and The Undertakers opponent has yet to be named. Rumours have been flying around for months. Umaga, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and even Koslov have all been linked to fight the Dead Man, but at this stage, the only surprise the WWE will be able to give us is actually ending the streak. They can put as many titles on the line as they like, against whomever they like, they can even make whatever match they like, but we’re not honestly going to think its going to end are we?

This year rumours have circled that Undertaker himself has said he has no problem dropping the win streak if it’s good for business. Only Undertaker and Vince know for sure if that’s true. Lets say for argument sake it’s not true, maybe this is just one last attempt to make us think Undertaker will actually lose to someone.

Which brings me to this, if that rumour is true, then who will get the glory of defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania? That’s huge; whoever gets the honour of beating The Undertaker will be a heel for his entire wrestling career. Hardcore Undertaker fans will never cheer for that guy. The thing is, WWE have to be sure that the person they give it too is going to be around the company for as long as Undertaker. They have to be sure that this guy is WWE for life.

A lot of third generation superstars have been mentioned with this honour, but the one that caught my attention was Ted Dibiase. What a great storyline this would make for. The son of the man who brought in The Undertaker ends his winning streak at Wrestlemania. This would catapult Ted Dibiase as one of the most hated heels in the business. So”.with that said…is he ready? Will he be ready by the time Undertaker decides to hang up the boots? In my opinion, the answer to the first question is no and the answer to the second is yes. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that The Undertaker will ever be beaten at Wrestlemania. That’s the main thing that he will go down in history for, but I do think that Teddy could be the man that gets the glory for ending Undertakers career. I just think that Survivor Series would be more fitting and of course he must prove himself.

So to ask another question? How many more Wrestlemania wins is Undertaker going to get up to before the end of his career? 18? 20? Only time will tell if Undertaker will give up his winning streak and make somebody so over they will never have to worry about it”.

Here’s a thought for you, The Undertaker in a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania with the WWE Championship on the line. Now that could make us believe? Maybe not, it wouldn’t make me think its going to end, but its just a thought.

So that brings me to the last question. Who is going to fight The Undertaker this year? I have gone over the possibilities in my head and they all could happen. Trips has been done, but then again so had Kane. I doubt Trips Vs Undertaker will happen a second time, unless the title is on the line. Koslov is underfeated and Umaga has just come back, but none of them have that believable factor when it comes to beating The Undertaker. For me it will have to be someone that will put on a great match, so in saying that I am going to go with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

In my opinion, regardless of the opponent the streak will continue”
Next week I will be touching on the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania, going over the possibilities for that match and it competitors as well as predicting my own.

Till then Peeps, this has been another edition of The Shooting Star Press.



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For this years WrestleMania I’ve read that WWE are trying to put together a legends match to help promote the new legends of WrestleMania game.

The match I think would help promote that game the best would be a fatal 4 way match:

The Rock vs Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker

For Money in the Bank this year the competitors I’d like to see in it are: Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, John Morrison, CM Punk and Ted DiBiase.

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