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This Week In WWE: Edition XXXXIV
March 1, 2009- March 7, 2009

Welcome to the forty-fourth edition of This Week In WWE. Feel free to contact me on TWO or Wrestling 101 anytime with comments, questions, and anything in between. Also, check out my blog on

The 823rd edition of Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, MA. Confirmed for the night in Boston was a match between Shawn Michaels and Vladimir Kozlov, where the winner would head to the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania to face The Undertaker. RAW would also see Randy Orton make the long-awaited decision of which World Champion he will challenge at WrestleMania. Also, Kane, Rey Mysterio, & Mike Knox would face off in a Triple Threat Match to determine the next entrant in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.

Monday Night RAW
Good Week For: Shawn Michaels (ended the undefeated streak of Vladimir Kozlov and will face The Undertaker)
Bad Week For: John Cena (got cheated out of the World Heavyweight Title and lost his spot at WrestleMania)
It Will Be Interesting Next Week For: John Cena (to see where he goes from here)

And In Other News…

The night started off with Jerry "The King" Lawler in the ring. Lawler revealed that he had been sent out there by Interim RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero to make a major announcement. The announcement did not disappoint, as the Hall of Famer proudly announced that RAW will host a World Heavyweight Championship Match that will see John Cena get his rematch as he challenges the champion- Edge!

Chris Jericho also made an appearance, coming out to host his own rendition of the legendary talk show segment "Piper’s Pit". Jericho then introduced Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka as his guest in the "Pit". To no one’s surprise, Jericho immediately starts belittling the Hall of Famer, calling Snuka the "poster boy" for the movie "The Wrestler". Jericho calls Snuka "selfish" and condemns "Superfly" for his surprise appearance in last year’s Royal Rumble, saying that it cost the young superstars their opportunity to headline WrestleMania. Jericho then advises Snuka to "pack it up" and calls the legend a "pathetic disgrace". As "Superfly" gets increasingly irate, Jericho tells Snuka that Snuka does not have the right to be angry. Jericho chips away at the legend by telling Snuka that no one wants to see him anymore. Jericho then takes out a pineapple and some bananas so that Snuka can "relive his glory days". Jericho then brings out a coconut (ala Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka in "Piper’s Pit" in 1984). Snuka grabs the coconut from Jericho and Jericho backs away from Snuka and exits. However, Jericho comes back and pushes the "Piper’s Pit" set on top of the Hall of Famer. Jericho then hits Snuka with a piece of the set. Jericho then proceeded to take off his belt and whip the legendary superstar with it, all the while yelling at Snuka to "go home". Jericho then exited, smiling.

The opening match of the night saw "The Big Red Machine" Kane defeat "The Ultimate Underdog" Rey Mysterio & "Monstrous" Mike Knox in a Triple Threat Match to join Intercontinental Champion CM Punk in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels makes an appearance backstage and vows to end the undefeated streak of Vladimir Kozlov on RAW and then head to the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania and end the WrestleMania Undefeated Streak of The Undertaker.

In a Divas Tag Match, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix & Jillian. Women’s Champion Melina & Divas Champion Maryse were on commentary for the match and things got heated between the two "golden Divas". After the match, Rosa Mendes attacked Kelly Kelly, but Mickie James got involved, then "The Glamazon" got involved and the whole situation turned into a brawl. Melina then got up on the apron, only to by pulled off the apron by Maryse. The Divas Champion then proceeded to plant the Women’s Champion with a DDT on the outside! Is SmackDown’s head Diva sending a message of superiority to RAW’s head Diva?

Then it was decision making time for the 2009 Royal Rumble Winner Randy Orton. Orton came out with his "entourage", consisting of Legacy, Orton’s lawyers, and a team of armed security guards. Orton wastes no time and announces that he will challenge the winner of the Edge/Cena match at WrestleMania for the World Heavyweight Title! Orton then explains that he is pressing charges against Triple H for Triple H’s rampage last week! Orton claims that "The Game" will not be at WrestleMania, because he will be in prison. Orton then invites Triple H to the ring to make his "final comments" before being arrested. Triple H comes out with sledgehammer in hand. Triple H tells "The Legend Killer" that Orton’s condition (IED) may prevent Orton from being in control of his actions, but that he is in complete control of his own actions. Triple H then makes his way to the ring, where the armed security force is ready to apprehend Triple H. Triple H drops the sledgehammer and prepares to enter the ring. Orton waves the security team off and Triple H enters the ring. Triple H tells Orton that this is not about The McMahons, it is about Randy Orton and Orton’s "need" to end their personal rivalry. Triple H tells Orton that Orton "needs" to go to WrestleMania and defeat Triple H for the WWE Title. Triple H brings up what happened to Orton the night after he won the World Heavyweight Title for the first time; Triple H turned on Orton and booted him out of Evolution. Triple H stated that Orton "needs" to get his revenge for what Triple H did back then. Triple H admits that he has never been a "good person", but that he took what was his from Orton; the World Heavyweight Title. Triple H tells Orton that Orton has the opportunity to challenge Triple H at WrestleMania, but that Orton chooses to run, because he is "afraid". "The Game" tells Orton that Orton knows deep down that he does not have what it takes. Triple H tells Orton that Orton is still the same "gutless little boy" that used to carry Triple H’s bags in their Evolution days. Orton’s lawyer steps in and says that his client is done talking. The security force proceeds to escort Triple H from the ring, however Orton stops the security. Orton then reveals that he has changed his mind. Orton then announces that he wants to face Triple H for the WWE Title at WrestleMania, but on one condition- that Triple H not touch Orton until WrestleMania unless physically provoked. If Triple H does so, then the match is off and Triple H will be carted off to prison. Triple H accepts the challenge of Orton. Triple H exits, but Orton tries to play Triple H’s game by telling Triple H how much pleasure Orton got from destroying the family and the wife of Triple H; how Orton put Stephanie McMahon’s "pretty little face" into the ground. Triple H then reentered the ring and got in Orton’s face. Triple H reminds Orton of the last time they had a match against each other; where Orton broke his own collarbone. Triple H stated that that night was "business" and this is "personal". Triple H then vowed that, this time, he will "break Orton’s neck". With these two now official opponents at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, can Triple H keep himself from destroying Randy Orton before their match in Houston? What will happen come April 5 when Triple H gets his hands on "The Legend Killer"?

Then it was time for Shawn Michaels to face off with "The Undefeated Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov with the right to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania on the line. "Mr. WrestleMania" himself was able to do what no other man (not even The Undertaker) was able to do and pin Vladimir Kozlov! After the match, The Undertaker made an appearance and glared down his WrestleMania opponent. HBK has punched his ticket to WrestleMania and will face The Undertaker in Houston. If Michaels can end the undefeated streak of Vladimir Kozlov, who’s to say that HBK can not end the WrestleMania undefeated streak of The Undertaker? After seventeen years, will Undertaker’s legendary streak be ended by "The Showstopper" or will "The Phenom" go 17-0 on April 5 by defeated Shawn Michaels?

Then it was time for the huge main event as Edge defended his World Heavyweight Title against former champion John Cena. The two bitter rivals fought tooth-and-nail over the Heavyweight prize, but as Cena had Edge up for the Attitude Adjustment, "The Ultimate Opportunist" struck the challenger with the title belt to get himself disqualified and to hang on to his title. To make matters worse, Big Show came out and stood next to Edge after "The Rated-R Superstar" held on to his title. Interim RAW General Manager, SmackDown General Manager, & Edge’s wife Vickie Guerrero then came out and made the blockbuster announcement that the new #1 Contender for the World Heayvweight Title is…Big Show! Not only that, but Big Show will challenge Edge for the title on the "Grandest Stage of Them All" WrestleMania. Edge looked perplexed at the decision, as Cena was clearly upset as he realized that his WrestleMania dreams may have just went up in smoke.

The 143rd edition of ECW on Sci-Fi came to you from the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, MA. Confirmed for ECW was a special appearance by RAW Superstar Kane, who took on ECW’s Boogeyman. Also, the third participant in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania would be decided as ECW’s Mark Henry took on RAW’s Santino Marella.

ECW on Sci-Fi
Good Week For: Mark Henry (qualified for the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match)
Bad Week For: Christian (got pinned by Jack Swagger for the second week in a row)
It Will Be Interesting Next Week For: Jack Swagger (to see who his next challenger is)

And In Other News…

The show opened with a special appearance by RAW Superstar Kane. "The Big Red Machine" defeated Boogeyman.

In a Money-in-the-Bank Qualifying Match, Mark Henry became the third Superstar to qualify for the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania by defeating RAW’s braggadocios Italian Santino Marella. "The World’s Strongest Man" joins RAW Superstars CM Punk & Kane in the match.

The Divas were also in action as "The Anvilette" Natalya defeated Alicia Fox. After the match, Tyson Kidd attacked DJ Gabriel, but Gabriel got the better of Kidd and sent him out of the ring.

The main event of the evening saw the "golden" team of ECW Champion Jack Swagger and World Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison defeat the team of Christian, Finlay, & Tommy Dreamer in a 6-Man Tag Match. announced on Wednesday that World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of ECW Superstar The Boogeyman (real name- Marty Wright).

The 499th edition of WWE SmackDown came to you from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Mohegan Sun, CT. Confirmed for the night in the Mohegan Sun Casino was the official contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania between champion Edge and #1 Contender Big Show. In a non-title match, WWE Champion Triple H would take on Umaga. We would also find out the next participant in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match as Matt Hardy took on his former rival MVP for a spot in the match.

Friday Night SmackDown
Good Week For: Randy Orton (assaulted and left Triple H near motionless)
Bad Week For: Jeff Hardy (got cheated out of a Money-in-the-Bank opportunity by his brother)
It Will Be Interesting Next Week For: The Miz & John Morrison (to see if they can hold onto their titles)

And In Other News…

The Undertaker opened the show and stated that, in his career, everyone has tried to steer clear of having to face him, but now times have changed and it angers him. "The Deadman" said that WrestleMania is where he shows what he represents and countless Superstars have tried to beat him and end "the streak". Undertaker then accepts the WrestleMania challenge of Shawn Michaels. Undertaker stated that sixteen have come to face him at WrestleMania and sixteen have fallen and that Shawn Michaels’ fate will be no different. Undertaker then reiterates the same message he gave Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble- sometimes, it is hell getting to heaven.

Then it was time for a Money-in-the-Bank Qualifying Match. Prior to the match, Matt Hardy said that Jeff can not "run" from him. Matt vowed that he would get his hands on Jeff in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania and go on to win the match. However, Matt’s former rival, MVP, had different plans and in the end, it was MVP out-maneuvering Matt with a roll-up to punch his ticket to WrestleMania in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match.

A big announcement was made on SmackDown- on next week’s show, The Miz & John Morrison will defend the World Tag Team Titles against WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Carlito. Can The Colon Brothers do what Miz & Morrison could not do and become Undisputed Tag Team Champions?

In Divas action, Divas Champion Maryse defeated Eve Torres in a non-title match. After the match, Women’s Champion Melina attacked Maryse! Former Divas Champion Michelle McCool then got involved and attacked Melina! What will become of this inter-branded war of the Divas?

Then it was time for the official contract signing for the World Heavyweight Title Match at WrestleMania between World Heavyweight Champion Edge and #1 Contender Big Show. SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero hosted the signing, but in the middle of her introducted, her husband Edge interrupted. The champion declared that he was not going to sign anything until he got some answers from his wife. Edge demanded to know the true nature of the relationship between Big Show and Vickie. Vickie reiterates that their relationship is "strictly professional". Edge then alleges that his wife named Big Show the #1 Contender to embarrass him. Edge then asks what is so special about Big Show? Big Show interrupts and tells the reigning champion that it is time he knows the truth; that Edge is not a good champion. Show proclaims that he is a more worthy champion that Edge and that is why Vickie picked Show as the new #1 Contender. Big Show again proclaims that his and Vickie’s relationship is "professional" and nothing else. Big Show then signs the contract and vows to beat Edge at WrestleMania and take the title. Edge tells "The World’s Largest Athlete" that he is not scared of him. Edge proclaims that he is more talented and simply better than Show. Edge added fuel to the fire by stating that he was more man than Big Show could ever be. Big Show tells "The Rated-R Champion" to sign the contract and they will find out if that is true. Edge gets ready to sign the contract until John Cena interrupts. Cena wastes no time in making an impact by assaulting Big Show and knocking the big man out of the ring with the title belt. Cena then assaults the champion and sends him out of the ring as well. Cena then whispered something to Vickie Guerrero; something that made Vickie react with horror. What could Cena have told Vickie to make the GM so upset?

Backstage, an extremely upset Vickie Guerrero announced that the official contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania will now take place on RAW this Monday Night.

Then it was time for the second Money-in-the-Bank Qualifying Match of the evening as Jeff Hardy took on United States Champion Shelton Benjamin. However, Jeff’s brother Matt would crush the dreams of his younger brother yet again by staring down his brother before attacking Shelton Benjamin! The wickedly smart Matt Hardy knew exactly what he had done; by attacking Benjamin, he cost his brother the opportunity to head to the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match and get one step closer to regaining his championship. Shelton Benjamin joins fellow SmackDown Superstar MVP, as well as Intercontinental Champion CM Punk and Kane from RAW, and Mark Henry from ECW in the 8-Man Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match. What will Matt stoop to next in order to get his brother to fight him?

Then it was time for the main event as WWE Champion Triple H took on Umaga in a non-title match. After Umaga went down on the outside with a leg injury, Randy Orton & Legacy surrounded the ring and attacked Triple H. "The Game" kept fighting back, but in the end, the numbers game was too much for Triple H to handle. The trio dismantled the WWE Champion and left "The Game" in a heap in the ring, all the while Randy Orton had an insane look of accomplishment in his eyes. What kind of condition is Triple H in following this attack? How will "The Game" retaliate?

Superstar of the Week: Shawn Michaels