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SSP: Chris Jericho at WWE WrestleMania 25

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Hey Peeps and welcome to another edition of the Shooting Star Press. This week I will be talking about the ongoing storyline involving Chris Jericho and going over what; in my opinion the WWE may be leading up to at Wrestlemania. I”ll also go over some other ideas and do this weeks “Good Idea, Bad Idea”.

So let”s get to it. During the lead-up to Wrestlemania Chris Jericho has been picking on WWE Legends every week, from Ric Flair to Roddy Piper and even Jimmy Superfly Snuka. This has to be leading up to a match of some sorts at Wrestlemania which begs the question? Who will Chris Jericho fight at Wrestlemania.
Rumors have been flying around and several names mentioned in relation to this, so lets go over them one by one.
Ric Flair
I am going to say no straight off the bat here. I do not want this to happen. Ric has had his last match and it should be left at that. If he does go ahead and have another match, then it just makes last year”s retirement storyline pointless and the fans will no longer believe any retirement storyline the WWE produce everrrrrrrrrrrrr again.
Hulk Hogan
I will be attending this years Wrestlemania and although I would like to see the Hulkster, I really don”t want to see him wrestle Chris Jericho. The match would involve Jericho carrying for whole thing and resulting in Hogan doing his trademark Big Boot-Leg Drop for the win. I doubt this is going to happen however as Hogan has recently had back surgery done. So that rules him out…Phew!!
Roddy Piper
Can”t see this happening either. It could have worked from the start if Piper was involved in the storyline in the same way that Flair is. I could have seen Piper getting in shape for the match and having a good lead up to it; however I think the storyline is too far gone at this stage and don”t think it will be Piper Vs Chris.
Stone Cold
One of the more likely opponents for Jericho is Stone Cold Steve Austin, but with the all the rumors going around if he does fight the one more match he said he wants a good lead up to it. Austin hasn”t been involved in this storyline as of yet and I doubt he will unless Jericho runs the gauntlet of legends (mentioned below).
Mickey Rourke
A lot of people are still talking about this as a possibility but I doubt it. No doubt Mickey will be in attendance, but I doubt he”ll actually wrestle Jericho. Maybe a special ref or enforcer role.
This is the one that I am thinking at the moment is more probable. The WWE are promoting the Legends of Wrestlemania an awful lot and the storyline with Jericho is too much of a coincidence. I think Jericho will give all the legends once last time to shine at Wrestlemania and he will beat them all one by one; at least that will be Jericho”s wording on it.
However I think it will play out like this: Jericho beats Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and a few other legends, (not Flair) more along the lines of Dusty Rhodes or Jerry Lawler and then eventually gets beat by the last Legend which turns out to be either Hogan or Austin. Big Boot Legdrop Pin / Stunner Pin. Jericho follows up on Raw by bitching about what happened and then starts a feud with someone else on the Raw roster who takes offence to the whole legends thing.

Good Idea

* The possibility of  the Intercontinental Championship being defended at Wrestlemania and becoming a serious championship again with JBL at the helm. I say get Rey involved in this.

Bad Idea

* Matt Hardy losing cleanly to MVP in a Money in the Bank Qualifying match. If they want Matt Hardy to be”and I quote”.”Main Event Heel” Losing cleanly to a mid-carder is not the way to do it. I”m sure we all think he”s going to come out on top of the Hardy storyline now””Good Booking WWE”..Good Booking”.idiots!

That”s it for this week Peeps, this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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I am a wrestling fan no matter who or what! It’s still entertaining. I found out that John Cena, one of my favorites, is going to be on MTV Tr3s tonight at 9pm. Maybe he’ll discuss the rumored Rock/Cena match! Now that would be one hell of a match!

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