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TNA: Roxxi Laveaux Leaves; Wishes TNA Well In Future Endeavors?

It had been previously reported that TNA Knockouts Roxxi (Nicole Raczynski) and Rhaka Khan had both been dropped from the TNA roster.

I’m not sure Roxxi’s actual contract status with TNA but her website is reporting the following:

Hello everyone, well I just got off work and came home to read some sudden news. It was just brought up to my attention by site visitor Shane who emailed me and said that Nikki posted the following message on her Twitter page and another confirmation was posted on Awesome Kong’s Twitter.

I would like to wish TNA the best in their future endeavors!

@RoxxiNikki TNA Knockouts will not be the same without a little Voodoo

One thing only crosses my mind when I read through this and I know the same thing must have crossed everyone esle’s. I am so filled with shock at the moment that I seriously cannot think straight right now but I will say this though, whether it was her decision alone or TNA’s, I will still be here in support of Nikki. Whatever the story is, I will support her no matter what.