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WWE: Ric Flair Says He Chose To Leave ROH

The following is an excerpt from an article in today’s New York Daily News:

Ric shows Flair as he bows out of Ring of Honor
Friday, June 5th 2009, 4:00 AM

"I announced I would be leaving them (ROH) last week at the Philadelphia show because it would be on HDNet (cable TV) and I felt it wasn’t right for me to be appearing (on TV) for the WWE and ROH while singing the praises of both."

But before leaving ROH, Flair will do five more untelevised live events and said, "I will be at their event at the Manhattan Center next Saturday as a ‘special’ referee, not as a wrestler."

She asked if any pressure was brought by the WWE to quit ROH. "None whatsoever," Flair said. "The decision was mine alone. Nothing against ROH, but I decided you can’t serve two masters, and my loyalty lies with the WWE. I feel very comfortable being there."

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