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WWE: Update on Chris Masters’ Return

Well it appears that various internet reports announcing Chris Masters re-signing with WWE that started on other news sites and were then re-reported here may have been premature at best.  

As I noted in my first post on Masters resigning, WWE never announced it, and in conversations I had with some folk who might know, I was never able to get confirmation, just more rumor.

The following was posted at the NZWPW website:

The CWO of NZWPW spoke to Chris (The Masterpeice) Masters this afternoon about his apparent re-instatement into the WWE and because of this recent press release Chris Masters himself wished to release a statement of his own: “It is true that I have met with WWE officials about a possible return to the WWE, but any and/or all official confirmations have not yet been made as we are still only in the planning stages. If I am officially re-instated into the WWE, I will not hesitate to let the New Zealand Fans know personally” Many thanks “Chris Masters”. The CWO is confident that NZWPW will be the first to know the out come.