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WWE Elsewhere: "WWE Guy" On The Price Is Right

I have decided to start a new type of news item on Wrestling101. It is not really "news", but just some interesting sitings or references about the WWE in other outlets of television, internet, radio, movies, etc.

I watched "The Price Is Right" this morning (Tuesday) and there was a 31 year old contestant named Timothy who was there on his birthday. I call him the "WWE Guy" because he was, obviously, a WWE fan and he was proud of it. When he his name was called to "come on down" to the contestants’ row, he came to his spot and did the DX crotch-chop to the audience. When it came time for him to guess the price on the item on stage, he gave his guess and then gave a Randy Savage style "ooh yeah". Later on, the guy unzips his jacket and he is wearing a WWE Spinner Belt! The guy gets the price close enough and wins a trampoline. Then he comes on stage for his pricing game. When he gets on stage, host Drew Carey spins the WWE logo on the belt. The guy also refers to himself as "The Champ". His pricing game was to get a new car, but he did not get it in the end. However, he would get to spin the wheel to get a chance to go to the Showcase. When Timothy spins the wheel, he lands on the $1.00 mark, meaning he won $1,000 in addition to getting the highest number possible. The other two contestants could not match his $1.00 spin, so Timothy got to go to the Showcase! He had a chance to spin the wheel again to win more money, but did not get it. When the Showcase comes up, Timothy’s prize package was an outdoor kids’ playset, a digital camera and digital camcorder, and a trip for four to Costa Rica! Timothy bid $9,999 for the prizes. He was off by #7,082. However, the other contestant was off by $16,000 or so, so Timothy won all the prizes! Overall, he won $20,796 in prizes! Timothy celebrated by holding up the WWE Title belt (he never let go of the belt either). A dedicated fan, no doubt.