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Breaking WWE News: Edge Badly Injured At A House Show!

Edge was injured tonight in a match with Jeff Hardy in San Diego. About five minutes into the match he suffered what at this point is believed to be a torn Achilles tendon and the match had to be stopped. Edge apologized to the fans before being taken out.

The match started with posturing so they were really only a minute into the actual action when the injury took place. It appeared he simply planted his foot wrong and went down with his leg at a bad angle. EMTs came to give him help before he was taken from the ring.

That is a serious injury that would likely require surgery and a long period of down time. We’ll have more on this as we get updated. The rest of the Smackdown crew has to leave first thing tomorrow for a flight to Honolulu.

An update from WWE is that most likely they are going to try and figure a way to get the belts on Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Right now they are looking at footage of the Edge vs. Great Khali match taped Wednesday night in Bakersfield trying to find a spot where they can claim a storyline injury to Edge if the torn Achilles tendon turns out to be the accurate diagnosis.