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WWE: Wrestlemania 25 & Several Other Buyrates Revealed

WWE has released its second quarter figures, and although the company is still doing well in terms of PPV sales this year, it’s interesting to note that many event so far in 2009 have sold a lot less than they did last year. Here is the breakdown:

-WrestleMania 25 drew 960,000 buys, which is below the one million mark that the company had hoped to draw.

-Backlash this year drew 182,000 buys, which is down from the 200,000 buys it drew last year.

-Judgment Day this year drew 228,000 buys, which is down from the 252,000 buys it drew last year.

-The Bash produced the worst of the second quarter PPV events drawing 178,000 buys. Last year’s event drew 273,000 buys.