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WWE: Recap of Jeremy Piven’s Appearance On Thursday’s Live

Credit: Eric Sturrock of

Jeremy Piven was on Regis & Kelly on Thursday (Regis was out taping Millionaire so a local news reporter from Michigan filled in). Before Piven came out Kelly talked about Piven jumping off the top rope on wrestling.

Piven came out and Kelly said that she saw him Monday night when her son was watching wrestling. She said, I saw a new wrestler that looked Jeremy Piven." Piven said he was afraid of heights. They showed the clip of him jumping off of the top rope twice. Piven said they told him to get as much height as he could.

Piven said as he was climbing the ropes asking himself, "What am I doing." Then he looked over and a fan had a sign that said "Ari Gold is God" and the guy next to him had one that said "Entourage Sucks!" Piven said it was the Yin and Yang of the Universe.

Kelly said that she and her husband thought he was going to get hurt, a career ender. Piven said they told him to go at John Cena as hard as he could. Piven said Cena threw Dr.Ken out to the floor. Piven said Ken is about 100 pounds and Cena is Matt Warburg if he swallowed a silverback ape. Kelly said Cena is the scariest thing that she ever saw.

Piven said that he threw Dr. Ken and he means THREW Dr. Ken with all his might and too much torque. He said he hasn’t heard from Ken since. The reporter subbing for Regis said he hit his head and he was hurt and that he was afraid for him. Piven said, "I don’t want to get into it too much but Cena better watch his back. No seriously, I have no idea what’s going on."

The reporter said Ari vs. Cena at Wrestlemania. Kelly said when she saw Piven jump every man and even herself said, "That’s awesome. It’s a fantasy." Piven said it was "A combination of all the things that scare him. He said you have to face your fears and get into the belly of the beast. I’m actually glad I did it."