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Big TNA News: Booker T & Scott Steiner Out, Rob Van Dam In?

As we all know in the world of professional wrestling, there are rumors but also surprising facts out there. This seems to be straddling the line a bit, but this "rumor" looks to be fact.

Booker T has been very upset with TNA in recent months, and it pretty much came to a head in their overseas tour. While in Switzerland, Booker T was supposed to be in the main event along with Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle as his partners vs Beer Money and Hernandez.

Steiner decided to rip apart the Swiss flag, which made the fans very unhappy naturally. So, they starting throwing beer bottles and other trash into the ring. Booker T left the main event along with his wife Sharmell and refused to wrestle that night.

Sheik Abdul Bashir came out and took his spot in the match, but many were unhappy with him leaving. Apparently, Angle and others sort of got into his face about it, but they understood why he left.

I also know why he did, I mean would you want to wrestle in these conditions? Booker T is a pro of course, but he shouldn’t have to wrestle in that nor should any of the other talent.

It was said that trash was being thrown repeatedly even during the match itself. It is a wonder no one in the ring got hurt.

This was one of the last straws for Book, but the straw that seemed to have broke the camels back was when he was asked to put over Matt Morgan at an iMPACT show later on. He found out about while on the overseas tour, which he was already mad about being at.

He claims to have no issue with Morgan, but the reason he felt he shouldn’t put over Morgan on iMPACT was that it wasn’t the right place to have it happen. He said he would rather put him over on a PPV, because it was a more highly profiled event, rather than just on a TV show.

He understands the push, but feels that he should put over a Morgan when it means something.

He has had a negative attitude in the locker room in recent months according to people internally with TNA. And many who have spoken with him see him leaving when his contract is up in November. (He signed  with TNA back in Nov. of 2007)

He said he left on good terms from the WWE, and realizes he could go back there once he was contractually able to do so. Many believe he will be there possibly by January if the rumors of him leaving are true.

But, he is not the only veteran possibly leaving TNA. It has been rumored that Scott Steiner will be gone from there soon. With the departure of Jeff Jarrett, Steiner has been very unhappy there.

While Jarrett is still supposedly with TNA, he has been taken away from all power he had and has not been allowed by TNA President Dixie Carter to come back. Steiner came to TNA because of Jarrett, simply because they are very good friends.

The reason Jarrett has not been able to come back is because he and Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen are living with one another. This set Angle off and he told Dixie that he didn’t want to work here as long as Jarrett was in power.

With Angle being one of, if not the most popular person in the company and the fact that he is really the only veteran there than can still go, Carter made the tough decision to remove Jarrett from TNA’s booking.

Now Vince Russo is in charge of that, as well as the writing and the creative team. Yet, Carter said she would remove Russo if they could get Hulk Hogan in, so it is a big black hole of stupidity there right now.

It is not a wonder both Booker and Steiner want out. Unlike Jim Cornette and BG James before him, Steiner is still an active wrestler and had no issues about being fired because of his affiliation with Jarrett. But, he knows that he only came because of Jarrett and he also is not really healthy enough to continue much longer anyway.

So, while Booker T may head back to the WWE, Steiner may just end up retiring. The TNA Tag Titles they both hold are expected to be dropped at Bound for Glory or one of the iMPACT tapings soon, so this may be more than a just a rumor for both.

The future of the Main Event Mafia Faction now looks to be in doubt, I can’t say that I am hurt by it though.

But, their star power may be replaced as Rob Van Dam may be coming in.

RVD wrote a blog on WWE Universe asking fans a supposedly "hypothetical" question. Should he go to the WWE or TNA if he came back to wrestling?

Van Dam’s blog has since been removed from the WWE Universe site by the WWE, but the question still remains.

Many of us would like to see Van Dam back in wrestling period, no matter if its TNA or the WWE. However, there was a rumor out about him going to TNA a month or two ago, so this may just be a bit of a hint for fans, or just something to mess with them like many wrestlers like doing lately.

However, unlike some of the other wrestlers, RVD’s question was not asked through Twitter or Myspace, but on WWE Universe. Which is a clear outlet for all fans, and most wrestlers steer clear of leaving messages such as this there.

He does have a Twitter account, and from what I have heard he has a MySpace page. Not to mention, he has his own website. So, he could have asked this question and it would have gotten just as much exposure because of how wrestling websites are nowadays.

But because this was on WWE Universe, it could mean a lot. This account is not a fake one either, so its not some chump supposedly leaving a message under his name.

This is pure RVD! Of course, because this is RVD, he could have been high when he posted it.