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WWE Superstars October 15, 2009 Detailed Results

The 27th edition of WWE Superstars emanated from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN (RAW Match) and from the Rupp Arena at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY (ECW & SmackDown Matches).

Quick Match Results

  • Final RAW Bragging Rights Qualifying Match: Mark Henry def. Chris Masters by pin following the World’s Strongest Slam to earn the right to join Team RAW at Bragging Rights.
  • Vladimir Kozlov (with Ezekiel Jackson) def. Tommy Dreamer by pin following the Iron Curtain.
  • Non-Title: CM Punk def. John Morrison by DQ after The Miz attacks CM Punk.

Match Quality

  1. CM Punk Vs. John Morrison
  2. Mark Henry Vs. Chris Masters
  3. Vladimir Kozlov Vs. Tommy Dreamer

Detailed Results

WWE Superstars kicked off with the RAW portion of the show as "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry faced "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters with the winner earning the final spot on Team RAW in the RAW Vs. SmackDown Bragging Rights Tag Match. Despite a bad knee, Mark Henry was able to hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Chris Masters and pick up the win! Mark Henry will join Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, & D-Generation X at Bragging Rights when Team RAW goes head-to-head with Team SmackDown to determine brand superiority? Who will join captain Chris Jericho on Team SmackDown? Which brand will earn "bragging rights" one week from this Sunday?

Two days after decimating Goldust on ECW on Syfy, Ezekiel Jackson was at ringside as his Russian comrade, Vladimir Kozlov, faced off with Tommy Dreamer in ECW’s contribution to WWE Superstars. The match had a similar result as the ECW match as Ezekiel Jackson provided the assist that allowed Vladimir Kozlov to defeat Tommy Dreamer! After the match, "Big Zeke" laid Dreamer out with Total Domination! In a week’s time, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov have destroyed two veteran competitors in Goldust & Tommy Dreamer. What, or who, will it take to defeat this monstrous duo?

Then it was for the main event as SmackDown presented a non-title match between CM Punk and Intercontinental Champion John Morrison, with Morrison’s Bragging Rights opponent, The Miz, on commentary. John Morrison looked to have the match won as "The Guru of Greatness" set CM Punk up for Starship Pain. However, The Miz interfered as the United States Champion attacked CM Punk in order to get John Morrison to lose via disqualification! After the match, Morrison took his aggression out on CM Punk by hitting the Flying Chuck Kick on the former World Heavyweight Champion! What will happen between these two former friends and tag team partners when they square off at Bragging Rights? What will happen on SmackDown when these two present the Slammy Award winning series "The Dirt Sheet"?