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WWE Monday Night RAW October 26, 2009 Detailed Results

One night after WWE Bragging Rights, the 857th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY. NASCAR’s Kyle Busch & Joey Logano co-hosted RAW.

Quick Match Results

  • Kofi Kingston def. Chris Jericho by pin following Trouble In Paradise.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Santino Marella & Melina (with Hornswoggle) def. Chavo Guerrero & Jillian by Melina pinning Jillian with the L.A. Splits.
  • MVP & Mark Henry def. Legacy by MVP rolling up Ted DiBiase following a clothesline by Mark Henry.
  • Non-Title: Evan Bourne (with Jack Swagger) def. The Miz by Count-Out.
  • Sheamus (in his RAW debut) def. Jamie Noble by pin following the Bicycle Kick.
  • Lumberjack Match: No DQ: Special Referee- John Cena: Triple H (with Shawn Michaels, John Cena, & Members of the RAW Roster) def. Big Show by pin following the Pedigree.

Match Quality

  1. Lumberjack Match
  2. Kofi Kingston Vs. Chris Jericho
  3. MVP & Mark Henry Vs. Legacy
  4. Evan Bourne Vs. The Miz
  5. Sheamus Vs. Jamie Noble
  6. Mixed Tag Match

Detailed Results

Just one night after Big Show betrayed Team RAW and Chris Jericho took advantage to win the Bragging Rights trophy for SmackDown, the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions opened Monday Night RAW with Chris Jericho proudly carrying the Bragging Rights trophy with him. Big Show was the first of the duo to speak and proclaimed that he is still a "proud member of RAW"! Chris Jericho backed his partner up by saying that Big Show is a "loyal man" and that he showed his loyalty to him and to Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights. Big Show tried to tell Jericho otherwise, but Jericho cuts "The World’s Largest Athlete" off and declares that Big Show did the "right thing", as well as proclaiming that SmackDown would have won anyways because of his leadership of the team. Finally, Show blurts out that he did it for himself! Big Show then reveals that he "struck a deal" with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long that, if he helped Team SmackDown defeat Team RAW, that he would be named the next challenger for The Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship! Taken aback by this announcement, Jericho asked his partner why Show did not run this by him, which sparked an argument between the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions. However, the bickering was interrupted by the squealing of tires as RAW co-hosts Kyle Busch & Joey Logano were using their special SmackDown Vs. RAW 2010 stock cars to do doughnuts in the parking lot! The rookie NASCAR racers then drove their cars right into the arena! After exiting their cars, Busch & Logano made their way to the ring. Once in the ring, the racing duo came face-to-face with the top team in the WWE today. Kyle Busch reveals that he approves of Big Show’s actions at Bragging Rights and shakes the hand of "The World’s Largest Athlete", while Joey Logano voices his disapproval of Show’s betrayal and calls Big Show’s actions "weak"! Logano then reveals that he is putting Big Show in a one-on-one match against the man Big Show knocked out at Bragging Rights, Triple H! Not wanting to leave Chris Jericho out of the action, Kyle Busch placed Chris Jericho in a match against the victim of the betrayal and the man Jericho pinned at Bragging Rights, Kofi Kingston! Reeling from the betrayal and knockout punch by Big Show, Triple H has to have revenge on his mind, but how will "The Game" extract it?

As for Chris Jericho, he was up against Kofi Kingston in the opening contest as a fired up Kofi took it to the co-captain of Team SmackDown. Jericho looked to have the win after hitting the Codebreaker on Kofi, but the resilient Kingston was able to get his foot on the rope to stay in the match! While Jericho argued with the referee over the decision, Kofi recovered and, when Jericho turned around, Kofi hit Jericho with Trouble In Paradise and picked up the upset, as well as a measure of revenge! While Kofi earned a big fall over Chris Jericho, Kofi also took a "big fall" after exiting the ring as the former WWE Champion, Randy Orton, blind-sided Kofi and sent Kofi sailing off of the ramp with Kofi’s face bouncing off of the steel stage before landing on the concrete floor! After the forced fall, referees tended to the downed Kingston.

Backstage, an even more unstable Randy Orton explained his attack on Kofi Kingston by saying that Kofi "cost" him the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights and called the attack "justice" for Kofi’s interference. Orton then vows that he’s "only just begun" in his attack on Kofi Kingston! Legacy then approaches Orton and reveals that they have a "gift" for their mentor; a special stock car with a personalized Randy Orton paint job! With Orton mesmorized by the car, Legacy told Orton that they have another "surprise" in store and it involves the new WWE Champion John Cena! What does Legacy have planned for John Cena?

Backstage, after being hassled by both Jack Swagger and The Miz, RAW co-hosts Kyle Busch & Joey Logano revealed that, by the end of the night, they will announced the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship! Who will the co-hosts deem to be worthy of a title shot?

The Divas Champion, Melina, was in action on RAW as she teamed with Santino Marella to defeat the team of former Divas Champion Jillian and Chavo Guerrero in a Mixed Tag Match, with a timely distraction by Hornswoggle. After the match, Hornswoggle was served with a "cease and desist" order from D-Generation X that stated that Hornswoggle must stop wearing the DX colors!

As the new WWE Champion, John Cena, was being introduced to the Buffalo crowd, Legacy interrupts and makes their way to the ring. Cody Rhodes states that "The Champ is not here" and said that Cena will have to "wait" for Legacy to get done before he can come out. Ted DiBiase then says that, per the stipulation of the Iron Man Match at Bragging Rights, Randy Orton can not challenge John Cena for the WWE Title, but that they can! The multi-generational duo then challenges John Cena to a title match at Survivor Series; either one-on-one with one of them or in a Handicap Match against both of them! After being called out by Legacy, John Cena comes out and declares that he does not need to "brag" about his match with Randy Orton at Bragging Rights and that the rivalry between the two of them "needed" to and has ended. "The Champ" then stated that, as the WWE Champion, he has the right to say "no more" when it comes to dealing with Randy Orton & Legacy like he has been doing. The new WWE Champion then declares that Legacy has not "earned" their title shot, but that he did talk to the RAW co-hosts and they agreed to put Legacy in a match against MVP & Mark Henry!

Legacy certainly did not earn any "points" towards getting a shot at the WWE Title as they lost their match to MVP & Mark Henry! After the match, the leader of Legacy, Randy Orton, came out and says that it appears as if he will not be the next challenger for John Cena’s WWE Title due to the stipulation put on the Iron Man Match. An unstable Orton then proclaims that he does not "care" what the rules say; that he deserves his title opportunity! Orton’s tirade is interrupted by Kofi Kingston, who appears on the big screen and tells Orton that "no one cares" what Orton has to say anymore! Orton then dares Kofi to come out and say it to his face, but Kofi points out that, in a way, he already is before revealing that he is standing on the hood of Orton’s custom stock car given to him by Legacy! With revenge on his mind, Kingston takes out a key and "keys" the side of Orton’s car; leaving several long scratches in the expensive paint job! Kofi then grabs a crowbar and bashes in the hood and windshield of the stock car! Finally, Kofi grabs a big bucket full of orange paint and covers the entire hood with it! As an irate Orton watches his expensive gift being vandalized, Kofi proclaims that Orton has "never looked better". Given the psychotic history of Randy Orton, has Kofi Kingston made a huge mistake in further angering Orton?

One of the newest Divas on the RAW Roster, Eve Torres, served as Guest Ring Announcer as United States Champion The Miz took on Evan Bourne in a non-title match. In the middle of the match, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger makes his way to ringside and states that "no one is watching" The Miz’s match as they are all focused on Eve Torres, who is focused on him! Unable to concentrate on the match, Miz exits the ring and confronts Swagger, but both men are taken out when Evan Bourne takes flight and takes both men out! Bourne then rushes back into the ring and just narrowly beats the ten-count, but The Miz isn’t so fortunate as Miz gets counted out, given Bourne the count-out win over the United States Champion! How will The Miz respond to Jack Swagger costing him his match against Evan Bourne?

On next week’s RAW, legendary rocker, musician, and reality television star, Ozzy Osbourne, will host RAW with his wife, Sharon Osbourne; who is an author and a judge on "America’s Got Talent" in her right! What will the controversial rocker and his wife have in store for RAW next week?

"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus made his debut on RAW as he picked up an impressive win over Jamie Noble! Now that Sheamus is a member of the RAW Roster, how will "The Celtic Warrior" fare in his new environment?

Then it was time for the main event as Triple H was out for revenge on behalf of himself and RAW as he went one-on-one with the man who turned on RAW at Bragging Rights, Big Show. The match begun, but Triple H quickly stopped and revealed that he talked to Kyle Busch & Joey Logano and they agreed to make the match a Lumberjack Match! "The Cerebral Assassin" then added that the lumberjacks for the match would be members of the RAW Roster; including members of Team RAW that were betrayed by Big Show directly! After hearing this news, Chris Jericho slowly backed away and exited through the crowd; leaving Big Show to deal with the situation on his own! The other half of DX, Shawn Michaels, then added even more by revealing that the match will have no disqualifications and the special referee would be none other than the new WWE Champion, John Cena! Now finding himself in a Lumberjack Match with no disqualifications and RAW Superstars surrounding the ring with the top RAW Superstar, John Cena, as the referee, Big Show started the match with Triple H and was actually in control of the match until Chris Masters grabbed the foot of Big Show from the outside. Show responded to the interference by pulling "The Masterpiece" into the ring and knocking Masters out with the devastating right hand! After knocking Masters out, Big Show went back to the match and had Triple H defeated, but John Cena refused to count for "The World’s Largest Athlete" and Big Show got in the face of "The Champ". However, when Big Show turned around, he was met with a double dropkick by Primo & Chavo Guerrero! Show staggers back into the corner as Jack Swagger rushed in and hits a running clotheline on Show in the corner! Show shoves "The All-American American" down, but The Miz comes in and hits his own running clothesline on Show in the corner! Show still fights back and delivers a headbutt to the United States Champion! Mark Henry then enters the fray and hits a big corner splash on Big Show! Out on his feet, Big Show stumbles out of the corner and is finally knocked down with a big boot by MVP! With Show down, Evan Bourne scales the top rope and hits Air Bourne on "The World’s Largest Athlete"! Santino Marella comes in, but Big Show recovers and takes Marella out of the equation with a chokeslam! Show then turns around and, like his partner, Jericho, felt earlier, was hit with Trouble In Paradise by Kofi Kingston! The special referee, WWE Champion John Cena, then hits the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show! As Shawn Michaels "tunes up the band", Triple H places a SmackDown shirt on Big Show followed by HBK delivering Sweet Chin Music to the RAW traitor! Triple H then hooks Big Show up and delivers the Pedigree and pins Big Show to win the match and earn retribution for Big Show’s betrayal at Bragging Rights!

John Cena and D-Generation X stood tall in the ring following the match, but then RAW co-hosts Kyle Busch & Joey Logano came out and made the big announcement regarding the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. In a shocking turn of events, the co-hosts announce that John Cena will defend the WWE Title at Survivor Series in a Triple Threat Match against Triple H & Shawn Michaels! Not only does John Cena have to defend the WWE Title in a Triple Threat Match against two of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, but he has to defend the title against two men he considers his friends! Even more interesting is that the match will be a Triple Threat Match, meaning that best friends and DX teammates Triple H & Shawn Michaels will have to battle each other if one of them hopes to become the WWE Champion! With all these elements taken into account, can John Cena make it out of Survivor Series as the WWE Champion and will this match cause the dissention of D-Generation X? Will Triple H earn his fourteenth World Championship or will Shawn Michaels earn his first World Title since 2002 or will John Cena beat both veteran Superstars and retain the WWE Championship?