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TNA: Rob Van Dam Reveals That He Has Had Talks With The Company

Former WWE star Rob Van Dam recently appeared on the Between The Ropes Radio Show and had the following to say concerning rumors that he has been in talks with Hulk Hogan and TNA. "I’ve talked to Eric (Bischoff). I’ve talked to (Jason) Hervey. I’ve talked to Dixie (Carter)…not that long ago, before I left (for an overseas tour). They’re poking my brain trying to figure out what I’m thinking. I tell them what I tell everyone else. I’m not looking for a deal. I’m not looking to return to any kind of crazy full-time schedule."

"I’m happy and fine with what I’m doing right now, so you have to hit me with something interesting that talks me into coming out of the house. It’s not a bad position to be in for negotiating. At the same time, I’m not even looking to negotiate. I’ve spoken with the other boys too. If it goes to a Monday night battle, I think I’d be in a pretty good position. Still, someone has to do something more than tell me I’m going to have fun and they’re going to reignite my passion if they’re going to interest me."