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WWE Monday Night RAW December 21, 2009 Detailed Results

The 865th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL. Two-time World Series Champion Johnny Damon would serve as the Guest Host of RAW and would bring along some "WWE Secret Santas". Also, D-Generation X would be forced to attend "Little People’s Court".

Match Results

  • Santa’s Little Helpers 6-Diva Tag Match: Melina, Kelly Kelly, & Gail Kim def. Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Jillian by Kelly Kelly pinning Maryse with a dropkick by Melina.

Maryse lifted up Kelly Kelly and Melina delivered a dropkick to Maryse, which put Kelly Kelly into a pinning situation on Maryse.

  • 6-Man Tag: Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, & Mark Henry def. Randy Orton & Legacy by Kofi Kingston pinning Ted DiBiase following Trouble In Paradise.
  • John Cena def. Jack Swagger by submission to the CSTF.
  • Chris Masters def. Carlito by submission to the Masterlock.

Chris Masters was accompanied by Eve Torres.

  • Non-Title: Sheamus def. MVP by pin following the Celtic Crucifix Powerbomb.
  • Non-Title: The Miz def. Santino Clause by pin following the Skull-Crushing Finale.

Match Quality

  1. 6-Man Tag
  2. Sheamus Vs. MVP
  3. Chris Masters Vs. Carlito
  4. John Cena Vs. Jack Swagger
  5. The Miz Vs. Santino Clause
  6. 6-Diva Tag

Detailed Results

RAW Guest Host Johnny Damon opened the show and stated that he is used to being a “player in a franchise”, but on RAW, he is “running the franchise”! The former Red Sox & Yankees player vowed that one RAW Superstar would get their “wish” granted by Santa Clause on RAW! Which RAW Superstar would receive this holiday treat?

Speaking of holiday treats, the opening match of the night was a Santa’s Little Helpers 6-Diva Tag Match and it saw Divas Champion Melina, Kelly Kelly, & Gail Kim defeat the team of Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Jillian.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions D-Generation X made their mandatory appearance in “Little People’s Court” on RAW and, after being on trial underneath the ring by a jury of Hornswoggle’s peers, the legendary duo were found guilty of the charges brought upon them by Hornswoggle! What will be the sentence for D-Generation X?

The Randy Orton/Kofi Kingston saga continued on RAW as Kofi Kingston teamed up with Evan Bourne & Mark Henry to defeat Randy Orton & Legacy in 6-Man Tag action.

Former WWE Champion John Cena was in action on RAW, picking up a victory over “The All-American American” Jack Swagger. Can Cena stay true to his vow to remain undefeated until he regains the WWE Championship?

After their run-in at the Slammy Awards, Carlito and Chris Masters went one-on-one with Carlito being defeated by Chris Masters and the devastating Masterlock.

The new WWE Champion was in action for the first time since winning the title at WWE TLC as Sheamus picked up an impressive win over MVP. After the match, John Cena rushed to the ring and told the new champion that Sheamus “owes” him a rematch and that he wants it now! “The Celtic Warrior” responded to the challenge by backing away and exiting the ring!

Backstage, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon catches up with Guest Host Johnny Damon and asks Damon what he, as the Guest Host, plans to do about the situation between Sheamus and John Cena. The Guest Host reveals that, on next week’s RAW, Sheamus will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena! On the last RAW of 2009, will Cena exit the year the same way he entered it; as a champion or will Sheamus solidify himself as a WWE Champion to reckon with?

After this major announcement, Johnny Damon, much like Dennis Miller did last week, questioned Mr. McMahon about Hall of Famer Bret Hart hosting RAW in the future! The WWE Chairman responded by referring to the subject as a “bah humbug” on the holidays!

World famous rapper and producer Timbaland will serve as the Guest Host of the final RAW of 2009 next week! What will the rap superstar have in store for the RAW Superstars?

United States Champion The Miz was in non-title action on RAW as he picked up a victory over the jolliest Italian Santa in the WWE, Santino Clause!

Backstage, Big Show reveals that he is heading to the ring to call out the “real Santa” and says that Santa will grant his “wish” or Santa will get “knocked out”!

As promised, Big Show came to the ring and proclaimed that he will get his “wish” from Santa and demands that “Jolly Old St. Nick” come to the ring! Flanked by The Bella Twins, Santa came to the ring. Due to the overwhelming size difference between Big Show and Santa, the legendary Clause opted to sit on the knee of Big Show! “The World’s Largest Athlete” then tells Santa that his “wish” is for Chris Jericho to be allowed back on RAW! Show stated that he wanted it “more than anything” and Santa granted the wish of Big Show and proclaimed that Jericho will return to RAW next week!

A suspicious Hornswoggle emerged from under the ring and confronted Santa before pulling the beard off of Clause to reveal that it was actually Chris Jericho! Hornswoggle quickly called in his own “army” as Hornswoggle was joined by his friends in his battle against Jeri-Show. After Jeri-Show quickly dispatched the “little army”, Hornswoggle delivered some “Sweet Shin Music” to Jericho! Fed up with the antics of Hornswoggle, Big Show grabbed a hold of Hornswoggle, but DX made the save for their little antagonist! After disposing of Jeri-Show, DX turn their attention to Hornswoggle and, after Triple H stated that he wanted to “squash” Hornswoggle, both Triple H & Shawn Michaels admitted that Hornswoggle has grown on them! HBK then asks Triple H if they can “keep him”, which Triple H responds to by alleging that DX has a “height requirement”! DX then negotiates with Hornswoggle that, if Hornswoggle drops the court case against them, then he can be the official “mascot” of D-Generation X! Hornswoggle agreed to the terms and the new DX “mascot” celebrated with the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions!