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Ruses WWE Raw Review: 4th January 2010

You’ve got to love Vince McMahon haven’t you? Bret Hart was treated to a lovey-dovey, steeped-in-history return full of respect and adulation but just when peace had seemingly been restored – bang, the WWE chairman pounced. McMahon’s actions came as no surprise but the way the carrot was so handsomely dangled and then abruptly snatched away was brilliant; 12 years in the making, it did not disappoint.
Not so great was the reaction Hart received from the Dayton, Ohio crowd. Maybe my TV was not on that loud or possibly because I was watching at 2am, I was tired and not in complete control of my faculties but the fans in attendance seemed a little muted. I expected uproar when that famous screech of the Hitman’s music began to play, I heard satisfactory. In fairness, the din level increased when Hart showed his battle-weary but ever-identifiable face, though it never quite matched the mind-shattering noise I had anticipated. Perhaps he is not as sacrosanct or well-known as I thought.
The Michaels confrontation was good though. There was a healthy mix of animosity and admiration as the two legends reminisced about the Montreal Screwjob, before settling their differences with a handshake and a hug. The Showstopper was just a pawn in the game in 1997 and it was right that the hatchet was buried, leaving the path clear for the Hitman to battle his true nemesis, McMahon.
Hart’s time on Raw is far from over. Chris Jericho, on the other hand, is a goner from the red brand, having failed in his bid to reclaim tag-team gold with the Big Show. The pompous Canadian enjoyed a fitting Monday-night send-off though, after treating viewers to an excellent match with DX, a bout full of twists, turns and – of course – Hornswoggle.
The leprechaun’s involvement, however, was fun and fleeting, adding to a contest so well marshalled by four veterans of the squared circle. Ultimately, Jeri-Show came up short but they deserved this proper rematch as reward for their sterling work in making the tag titles cherished again. Jericho, in particular, now merits a high-profile singles run. Hopefully, one that involves Edge.
Match of the night, though, went to Kofi Kingston v Randy Orton. The Viper triumphed but only after a defiant display from the fizzy Ghanaian as their marvellous feud ended in superb fashion. Kingston has upped his game, of that there is no doubt, but huge credit must go to Orton for aiding his elevation. The Legend Killer became stale and unloved in his all-too-frequent-battles with John Cena but having been given a fresh foe, has shown why he is held in such high regard by the WWE hierarchy.
Orton had extra motivation to win after his Legacy cohorts Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes threatened to throw him out of the stable should he lose. For now they remain a unit but the pot is brewing and the inevitable implosion is not far off. I can’t wait.
The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, is already causing chaos and in the absence of Cena, defeated the animated Evan Bourne. I must not lie, when the zippy Missourian pelted the WWE champion with that Air Bourne, for a moment – if only a brief one – I believed he would earn himself a title shot at the Royal Rumble. Normal service was swiftly resumed though with the Irishman decimating the zippy mid-carder. So who will Sheamus face on January 31. Cena anybody?
Miz has a new challenger for his US title after MVP overcame his sporadic tag team partner Mark Henry as well as Jack Swagger and Carlito in an entertaining fatal four way. I just pray that the Ballin’ Superstar – whether he re-clutches the gold or not – gets time to deliver the goods, something he has been severely lacking for months.
The current championship keeper Miz joined the commentary team for the multi-man melee and while he was not as confident as when he has microphone in hand and script in head, the awesome one did a sound job. He was amazing, however, in his earlier verbal joust with the sumptuous Maryse. The buxom blonde wasn’t bad either and should a relationship come to fruition between the pair, it would intrigue me.
Speaking of the Canadian temptress, Maryse advanced in the Divas Championship race by despatching Brie – or was it Nikki – Bella. She must be favourite to grasp the strap vacated by Melina’s injury. You don’t really care though, do you?
We all know the real reason you tuned in to Raw and with Bret sticking around for the foreseeable future, you’ll do exactly the same next week. And the next. And…..well, you get the idea.