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WWE: Santino Marella Getting His Own Show!

AOL’s Television section is saying that WWE is currently working on a sitcom starring Santino Marella. WWE Diva Beth Phoenix is slated to play his girlfriend, and Vladimir Kozlov his best friend. “In two weeks, we’re filming the first three episodes,” Santino said. “It will air at first on the dot com, then after that we will get it to a network television.”

USA Network VP Chris McCumber however said the USA Network isn’t looking for sitcoms right now, but acknowledged Marella as a good comedic character.

When asked if it will be like reality TV, Santino said: “I think we’re going to use one or two cameras. It will kind of be like a ‘Seinfeld,’ but with me. You know, it will only be a reality show if you consider wrestling reality.”