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WWE: The Undertaker Temporarily Engulfed In Flames At Elimination Chamber Event!

The Undertaker was very lucky yesterday escaping serious injury as the pyrotechnics team accidentally hit the fire on the stage when he was standing right in the middle of it.

Doing his normal entrance with fire and smoke, Taker walked slowly to the edge of the set when all of a sudden two huge bursts of fire came from underneath him.

Taker quickly ran down the ramp and removed his coat and hat, visibly upset. For two seconds he was completely engulfed in fire and while standing in his Chamber pod, WWE referee Jack Doan kept giving him water to cool himself.

According to several eye witness reports, after the match was over Taker had some comments to the pyro tech team who are located next to the entrance ramp while walking back up and the situation wasn’t nice once he reached the backstage area.