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WWE Monday Night RAW March 1, 2010 Detailed Results

The 875th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, OK. The legendary comedy duo of Cheech & Chong would serve as the Guest Co-Hosts of RAW as the duo will no doubt be looking to take RAW to a “higher” level. Following his horrendous parking lot accident that left him with a broken leg two weeks ago on RAW, Bret “Hitman” Hart would appear on RAW to deliver his “farewell” to the WWE. Following the complete implosion of the Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, & Ted DiBiase trio last week, this week’s RAW would see Randy Orton take on his former protégé, Ted DiBiase. Also on RAW, the fourth inductee for the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame would be announced as a WWE Legend would join Wendi Richter, Antonio Inoki, & “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase in the WWE Class of 2010.

Match Results

  • Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase fight to a No Contest after Cody Rhodes enters the ring.
  • Money-in-the-Bank Qualifying Match: Jack Swagger def. Santino Marella by pin following the Swagger Bomb to qualify for the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.
  • Money-in-the-Bank Qualifying Match: MVP def. Zack Ryder (with Rosa Mendes) by pin following the Playmaker to qualify for the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.
  • Divas Pillow Fight: Eve Torres def. Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Jillian, & Alicia Fox by pinning Alicia Fox following a modified somersault.
  • Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: The Miz & Big Show (c) (with The Undertaker) def. D-Generation X by The Miz (c) rolling up Shawn Michaels to retain.

During the match, Shawn Michaels was poised for victory as he was set to deliver Sweet Chin Music to The Miz, but The Undertaker appearing on the big screen distracted Michaels long enough for Miz to roll-up Michaels for the win.

Detailed Results

Just twenty-seven days before he puts his career on the line to try and end the streak of The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels opens the show and states that there is a “buzz” around the WWE locker room and that everyone thinks he is “crazy” to put his career on the line against The Undertaker. HBK states that when he walks the halls of the locker room, everyone averts their eyes as they do not think that he can beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania! Michaels continues that it is an “undeniable fact” that he is “Mr. WrestleMania” and proclaims that he “believes” that he can beat The Undertaker and end the streak at WrestleMania! HBK then challenges any of his “peers” who doubt him to come out and tell him to his face that he can not beat The Undertaker! Wasting no time in answering the challenge, Triple H comes out to address his longtime friend! “The Game” tells HBK that he does not “think” that Michaels can win, he “knows” he can win! Triple H then tells HBK that Michaels is the best he has ever been in the ring with and says that, in the locker room, HBK has “no peers”! Triple H then assures his friend that DX will “never die” and that it will be a “long time” before the fans see DX in the ring together again! “The Game” then says that he does not want the last image of DX to be them losing the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles and reveals that he has invoked their rematch clause to face The Miz & Big Show for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles on RAW! Triple H then tells HBK that, the night after WrestleMania, they will throw a “celebration like only DX can throw” and proclaims that, on that night, Michaels will be known as “the man who ended The Undertaker’s streak”! Triple H then tells HBK that he “believes” that the career of Shawn Michaels will continue following WrestleMania and that he will beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania! Triple H then asks Michaels what he “believes” and HBK proclaims that he “believes” that they are going to regain the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles! Can DX regain the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles from The Miz & Big Show or will the new tag team champions thwart the banner month that DX intends to have?

Then it was time for the opening match of the night as the former mentor would face the former protégé; as Randy Orton would face the man who eliminated him in the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship eight nights earlier, Ted DiBiase. Randy Orton was set to finish his former protégé with the RKO, but Cody Rhodes rushes out and distracts Orton! DiBiase takes advantage by rolling up Orton, but the veteran Orton counters the roll-up into one of his own. Rhodes then enters the ring and is caught by Orton as Orton pummels his former teammate! The numbers game then catches up with Orton as DiBiase rejoins the fray! Rhodes & DiBiase have the advantage over their former mentor for a short time, but Orton is able to mount a comeback and send Rhodes & DiBiase packing! What is the next level in this dysfunctional trio turned budding rivalry?

Last week on RAW, Christian qualified for the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania XXVI and, on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, & Shelton Benjamin qualified for the match. On this week’s RAW, Jack Swagger picked up a quick and decisive win over Santino Marella to qualify for the match, as well! Who else will qualify for the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania?

Following the vicious assault by the new WWE Champion Batista on last week’s RAW, John Cena appeared on RAW and stated that what happened to him at WWE Elimination Chamber was, indeed, just “business”! Cena stated that, on last week’s RAW, Batista assaulted him and he does not understand why! Cena continues that he sees the “silver lining” in things and states that he is going to WrestleMania to challenge Batista for the WWE Title. Cena then states that he needs to pay Batista back for the attack last week and calls “The Animal” out! Making sure his security force came out first, WWE Champion Batista came out to the stage and stated that his security is out there to “protect” Cena from him! Cena responds by calling Batista a “pansy” before Batista explains his actions last week by revealing that he “wants” to face John Cena at WrestleMania! Batista continues that they both had similar rises to the top and states that they are the two “biggest stars since the Attitude Era”! Batista then says that, for some reason, the WWE has designated Cena as “the man” and “the face of the WWE”! Batista then says that he should have been made the face of the WWE and said he did what he did last week so that he could beat Cena at WrestleMania and because he can’t “stand” Cena! Cena responds by telling Batista to “focus” because he is out to regain the WWE Championship at WrestleMania before telling Batista that he has worked hard for his spot while Batista has expected everything to be handed to him and says that Batista has always been “selfish”! Batista responds by saying that he does not care about the fans because he is there to “make money and win titles”! Batista then tells Cena to keep “kissing babies” while he prepares to face Cena at WrestleMania! Batista then says that “bad things” happen to Cena whenever they are in the ring together and tells Cena that all Cena does is “bark”! Batista then tells Cena that Cena can not beat him and says that, deep down, Cena knows he can not beat Batista! What will happen when this intense rivalry comes to a head over the WWE Championship at WrestleMania? Who will emerge as the WWE Champion?

In the second Money-in-the-Bank Qualifying Match of the night, MVP was able to hit the Playmaker on Zack Ryder en route to picking up the win and earning his spot in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania! Six Superstars have qualified and two Superstars remain to qualify. Who will join Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, & MVP in the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match?

The Guest Co-Hosts of RAW, Cheech & Chong, then made an in-ring appearance to introduce the participants in the Divas Pillow Fight as new Divas Champion Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve Torres, Jillian, & Alicia Fox all did battle in the Cheech & Chong presented specialty! In the end, it was Eve Torres pinning Alicia Fox to pick up the win! After the match, Hornswoggle came out and celebrated with Cheech & Chong, as well as some “magic” Lucky Charms!

The fourth inductee in the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame was announced on RAW as the legendary “Mad Dog” Vachon will join Wendi Richter, Antonio Inoki, & “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase as the legendary rule-breaker will be inducted by the first Intercontinental Champion in history, and fellow Hall of Famer, Pat Patterson!

Then it was time for Bret “Hitman” Hart to deliver his “farewell” to the WWE following his unfortunate parking lot accident two weeks ago! However, as Bret was being introduced, the introduction was interrupted by the arrival of the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon! The WWE Chairman then took the liberty of introducing the Hall of Famer and states that he has the “upmost respect” for Bret before introducing “The Hitman”! Broken leg and all, Bret Hart made his way to the ring to come face-to-face with Mr. McMahon and deliver his “farewell”! Before the “farewell”, the Chairman asks Bret to “clear his personal name” of any responsibility for Bret’s accident two weeks ago! Bret responds by saying he does not know if McMahon had nothing to do with it or not and says that, ever since he returned, McMahon has treated him like “garbage”! Bret then tells the Chairman that, if McMahon really wants him to give his “farewell”, then he should leave! Vince starts to leave, but turns around and tells Bret that he “lied” as he did not invite Bret to RAW for a “farewell”! The Chairman then brings up Bret’s WrestleMania challenge from a few weeks ago, which Bret responds to by reminding the Chairman that he is “incapacitated” at the moment. Vince then says that even an “old, dried up fossil” can heal in time for WrestleMania and says that Bret came back to the WWE to “fight” him! Bret responds by saying that he has wanted to fight McMahon for thirteen years! Vince then taunts Bret by asking him “why not fight?” and reminds Bret of the tumultuous past between the two of them and tells Bret to do it for his fans! Bret tells McMahon that he can not wrestle at WrestleMania because has a broken leg! Vince then says that he “hates” to hear those words and that his last name used to “mean something” before calling Bret a “coward” and kicking Bret’s crutch out from under him! As Vince exits, Bret gets his crutch and gets back to his feet before telling Vince that he accepts the challenge to face McMahon at WrestleMania! Before leaving, Vince makes the shocking announcement that, on next week’s RAW, he will go one-on-one with John Cena! How will Mr. McMahon fare next week against the former WWE Champion? What kind of condition will Bret Hart be in come WrestleMania?

In addition to WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon going one-on-one with John Cena next week on RAW, next week’s show will also see Randy Orton compete in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match against both Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase!

Then it was time for the main event as D-Generation X would make, what could be, their last stand as a team as Triple H & Shawn Michaels would invoke their rematch clause to challenge United States Champion The Miz & Big Show for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles. During the match, Shawn Michaels had things well in hand as he was set to deliver Sweet Chin Music to The Miz and regain the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles, but that was all over after The Undertaker appeared on the big screen, which distracted HBK long enough for The Miz to take advantage and roll up HBK for the win to retain the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles! After the match, Michaels refused any support from Triple H before storming out of the ring! Triple H was then attacked by Sheamus as “The Celtic Warrior” viciously assaulted “The Game”, which ended with a vile kick that saw Triple H’s head getting sandwiched between the boot of Sheamus and the announce table, followed by a second kick that knocked Triple H over the announce table! What is the reason for this vicious attack? How will Triple H respond to Sheamus’ actions?