Down the draidle without a paidle and more WWE / TNA True or False

Freak out, freak out! Helllll00000 ladies! Peeps!!! Jericho-holics! Edge-heads! Cane-in-ites! Kennedy! KENNEDYYYY! I mean ANDERSONNN!!! Wooooooo!!!! Whatcha gonna doooo?!?!?!?!?! The Warlord of Weird iz back… me, me, me!!! The monster of Memphis! The Lunatic of Lousiville! The OOGA BOOGA of Chattenooga! SiNN Bodhi!!! (Formerly KiZARNY of WWE Smackdown, copyright by Uncle Vince and hiz billionz!) ARE YOU READY?! Bleizogggggg numero 5!!!….

So, in my pervious blog I promised to explain the inside joke “Down the draddle without a paddle!” between Colt Cabana and yourzzzzz truly!…

Here goez beizitchez… Once upon a time in the land of Tampa, FL at Uncle Vinnie Mac’s WWE farm team league FCW… A young yet savvy cult fav wrestler, Colt Cabana was having a bad day… Oi vay!!! When along came FCW’s freizendly neighbourhood Kizarnival Freak (ME!) to ask what was wrong…? Colt explained his dilemma and felt like he was up sh*t creek without a paddle… But seeing how Colt is Jewish I said don’t you mean “Down the draidle without a paidle”???… Colt looked at me half annoyed-half giggling… Then the lil Jizzle called me an asshole! He tried to explain that a draidle was NOT some sort of spoon or an ore or… wait… he realized the absurdity of what he was getting suckered into explaining and again giggled, still annoyed and again called me an asshole!

Every time after that when the sheizit was about to heizit the fan I would look at my fav Jizzle and say, “Down the draidle without a paidle”… Eventually Dusty Rhodes would say it in his FCW commentary during Colt’s matches… Edge would say it in catering… Billy Kidman (FCW assistant coach) would say it during training… And Colt would just look at me and I knew what he was thinkin’… “Asshole!”.

Colt, Kidman, Edge and I were on a flight back to Tampa after a Smackdown loop… I secretly asked the flight attendant if she could say the infamous phrase during her pre-flight safety spiel… She smiled and said she would ask the captain… We were all exhausted and sitting in our seats waiting to takeoff… Edge and I were cuddled up side-by-side… Colt was beside us across the aisle and Kidman was approx 10 seats up front… The flight attendant didn’t say what I had asked her to say and that was that… Then the pilot came over the speakers talking about how high we would be flying, weather conditions, “Down the daridle without a Paidle”, and letting us know about the refreshments that would soon be available on the flight… In our sleepy haze Edge, Colt and I all looked at eachother wondering did we just hear what we had thought we had just heard within the pilots subtle monologue…? Suddenly Billy Kidman burst out laughing and it was confirmed! I looked at Colt and Colt looked at me… “ASSHOLE!”

Stand out seizuff from TNA, WWE Raw, Smadown, FCW & NXT
Is It just me or does Darren Yopung look like John Cena covered in mud while wearing a Yahoo Serious wig?! Daniels vs Kali with a side order of Big Show!… If Daniels was Jewish it would definitely be a case of Down the Draidle without a feizuckin’ Paidle yo! Tarver vs Slater both my boyz but thanks Tarver for kickin’ raggity Anne’s ass for stealing my twirly over-the-top-rope jumpy thingy!

Aberham Washington returns to FCW… with a hot rookie bird laughing in place of Tony Atlas… Sorry Tony, Im a blond with fake canz kinda guy!

Uncle Vince gettin’ swerved by Brett! Gimme a Hell Yeah! Heart dynasty vs Cryme Time, eh? Money, Money RIP! I guess Undertaker missed out on catering cuz he eat up Cryme Time and the Dynasty! Highlight Reel… whitty banter followed by a booboo to Edgy’s knoggin! All the matches goin’ into Mania should prove to be nothin’ short of awesome!

Hulkster & Brook bringin’ the drama that maybe fans do not realise is very serious and common amongst wrestlers and their families… I think it truly shows what hurts wrestlers more than in-ring injuries is matters of family and the heart… Jeff Hardy returning to TNA is awesome! The Enigma vs Stylin’ profilin’ Styles was phenomenal! RVD and Sting I think is a very interesting and new way to deliver Sting to the rasslin’ universe and give Mr. Monday Night unique and legendary villain to scuffle with! Flair & AJ vs Hulkster & Abyss leading into a new war TNA vs WWE should be great tv! If anyone can go toe-to-toe with Unky Vince it would definitely be Hogan… BRUUUUTHER!!!

Cindy from Jonesboro AR writes, “Sinn can you please post some more True or Falses the last ones were hilarious!”

Well don’t boo whoo lil Cindy louuuu… True or Falsiez here you go…

1: T/F) I put a Grenade in Johnny Ace’s hand while asking him for my WWE gig back!…

2: T/F) As teenagers, I wrestled Christian to the ground and sat on him while dialling up a girl he was too shy to call himself… inadvertently leading to Captain Charisma losing his cherry!…

3: T/F) I got punched in the face by a one-legged stripper after beating her in a Shirley Temple drinking contest!…

4: T/F) I put a rubber snake in Tracy Brooks shower and scared her sooo bad that she tore down the drapes trying to jump out of her bathroom window!…

5: T/F) I played strip go-fish with Stacy Carter, Kamala, Luna Vashon & Barry Windham in a hotel after a golf tournament!…

6: T/F) I got kicked in the ding-o-ling by Amazing Kong at a Charity Wrestling event!…

Answers after this plug…

1 T
2 T
3 F
4 T
5 F

Please send me comments, questionz & hate mail! I just thought I’d let you know what was on my meizind!!!…

SiNN Bodhi ‘The Kizarnival freak’
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OK… I’m not sure I wanted to know the part about Jay “losing his cherry…”
But the part about you and Adam cuddled up, now… That’s an image to remember!

Great blog man I love wwe but I’m loving some of the storylines on tna I hope they can pull threw and give wwe a run I know wwe is way stronger in many ways but the old wwe wcw days was great I even caught myself for a few months watching wcw more (what is ur true take on what tna is trying to do to soon for Monday nts. Or just right) I think it was to soon and where are you now and are you going to tna have a good one and keep up the great blogs and stay safe

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