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WWE NXT May 4, 2010 Detailed Results

The eleventh edition of WWE NXT came to you from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, SC. As a result of winning the “Seal The Deal Challenge” last week, David Otunga got to select a WWE Pro to go one-on-one with and Otunga selected his very own WWE Pro as he opted to face off with R-Truth! Also on NXT, the eight Rookies would compete in another weekly contest just one week before the first NXT elimination takes place!

Match Results

  • Michael Tarver def. Daniel Bryan by pin following a modified powerslam.
  • WWE Pro Vs. NXT Rookie: R-Truth def. David Otunga by pin following the Lie Detector.

Detailed Results

The show kicks off with the weekly NXT contest as the eight NXT Rookies would compete in a special obstacle course challenge one week before the first elimination in the NXT competition and whoever wins the obstacle course challenge by getting the quickest time will receive immunity from the first NXT elimination next week! Up first was the Rookie currently ranked first in the NXT competition, Daniel Bryan, as Bryan, competing with injured ribs sustained after being planted with three Batista Bombs on RAW, scored a time of 2:45.5 in the obstacle course challenge! After this performance, Bryan’s WWE Pro, United States Champion The Miz, comes out and tells his Rookie and says that anyone could have done better than Bryan! Miz says that he can not use his injuries as an excuse because Bryan is representing him and he should “never” use injuries as an excuse! Miz then informs Bryan that he will go one-on-one with Michael Tarver and, if Bryan does not win, then he sees “no reason” for the WWE Pros to keep Bryan from being eliminated!

As ordered by his WWE Pro, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, injured ribs and all, would go one-on-one with Michael Tarver as both NXT Rookies would be looking to end their winless records! In the end, it was Tarver hitting a unique version of a powerslam en route to defeating the injured Bryan; his first win in NXT! Things got worse for Daniel Bryan after the match as Michael Tarver’s WWE Pro, Carlito, delivered the Back Stabber to Bryan as The Miz watched, and even supported, the attack! Can Daniel Bryan avoid elimination next week or has Bryan dropped from the top spot all the way to the bottom in the opinions of the WWE Pros?

Then the NXT obstacle course challenge continued with Heath Slater, who established a new time to beat of 1:36.9! Next up was Darren Young, who failed to beat Heath Slater’s time by registering a time 2:07.8! Then it was Justin Gabriel’s turn to take on the obstacle course challenge and Gabriel did a stellar job on the course, establishing a new time to beat of 1:29.0! Before he would go one-on-one with his WWE Pro, R-Truth, David Otunga took part in the obstacle course challenge, but just missed beating Justin Gabriel’s time as he finished with a time of 1:35.0!

After coming up a bit short in the obstacle course challenge, David “A-List” Otunga was in action on NXT as he went one-on-one with his own WWE Pro, R-Truth! In the end, it was R-Truth teaching his NXT Rookie a measure of respect as Truth hit the Lie Detector en route to defeating David Otunga! How will David Otunga respond to losing to his WWE Pro, R-Truth?

The obstacle course challenge continued as the number two NXT Rookie, Wade Barrett, took part in the challenge, albeit briefly as, after being unable to hang on to the monkey bars, Barrett opted to walk out of the challenge! Next up was Skip Sheffield, who came extremely close to beating the time set by Justin Gabriel, but just missed the mark as Skip scored a time of 1:31.2!

Then it was time for Michael Tarver to take part in the obstacle course challenge, but after being disqualified in the soda-drinking portion, Justin Gabriel became the winner of the obstacle course challenge, meaning that, no matter where he is ranked next week, Gabriel will not be the first Rookie eliminated from NXT!

After being disqualified from the obstacle course challenge, Michael Tarver shockingly stated that he thinks that he should be the one eliminated next week! The top-ranked Rookie, Daniel Bryan, also felt that he should be the one eliminated next week; citing that he is yet to win a match on NXT! After being asked who he thought would be eliminated next week, Darren Young stated that he “wants it” more than any other Rookie and stuck his finger in the face of the other seven Rookies to drive his point home! However, when Young pointed his finger in the face of Wade Barrett, it sparked an all-out brawl between the two Rookies! With tensions running high in the NXT competition, who will be the first Rookie sent home next week in the first NXT elimination?