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WWE Week In Review: June 27, 2010- July 3, 2010

WWE Week in Review: Edition CXIII
June 27, 2010- July 3, 2010

Welcome to the one-hundred thirteenth edition of the WWE Week in Review. Feel free to contact me on TWO or Wrestling 101 anytime with comments, questions, and anything in between. Make sure to check out the section at the end of the article highlighting a different WWE Superstar, Diva, or Alumni every week. I have also added a section that lists where WWE will be hosting their weekly television shows and monthly pay-per-views. Also, you can find me on Facebook under the username, TheCiSH

WWE Diva Released from Contract: announced on Wednesday of last week that World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE Diva and former Ring Announcer for NXT Season One, Savannah (Angela Fong). Savannah’s final WWE appearance was as an interview on last Monday’s edition of RAW.

The 892nd edition of WWE Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA. One week after a shocking attack on WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon by the Season One NXT Rookies, the new anonymous General Manager of RAW has vowed that there will be “appropriate consequences” against the newly signed group of ex-Rookies! Plus, Heavy metal rock star and film director Rob Zombie will appear on RAW as the Guest Host!

Monday Night RAW (June 28, 2010)
Good Week For: Randy Orton (won the eight-man tag team main event for his team and symbolically retrieved the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase)
Bad Week For: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (got the worst of an attack by Nexus on a number of WWE Legends)

Detailed Results Follow…

One week after the shocking and heinous attack on WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon by the seven Season One NXT Rookies, who have stated that they want to simply be known as “Nexus”, the show starts with RAW commentators Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler, who reveal that the head of Nexus, Wade Barrett, is currently at WWE Headquarters where WWE officials will determine the future of the group known as Nexus and, while the anonymous RAW General Manager is not at the meeting, the GM has promised “appropriate consequences” for the attack by Nexus last week! What will WWE officials decide about the future of Nexus?

The WWE Champion, Sheamus, then comes out and states that he has reviewed the footage from last week of Nexus attacking Mr. McMahon and that, as the WWE Champion, he needed to come out and “make a statement” before proclaiming that “The Champ is here”! Sheamus continues that, even though Nexus interrupted his and John Cena’s WWE Title match last week, he would have beaten Cena anyways! Sheamus then proclaims that John Cena is no longer the #1 Contender for the WWE Title because he invoked his rematch clause for the title last week! “The Celtic Champion” then states that he will no longer have to listen to John Cena and his never say die personality and he will no longer have to listen to Cena make fun of his skin tone! Sheamus then emphatically states that he “hates” Cena! This brings out former WWE Champion John Cena, who states that he did not come out there to try and get another shot at the WWE Title and says that he is out there to ask Sheamus for “help” to combat Nexus, reminding Sheamus that Nexus will target the WWE Champion, which is him! Cena urges Sheamus to fight alongside him against Nexus and calls out the contingent! This provokes an email to come in from the anonymous General Manager as the GM announces, through Michael Cole, that he is giving Wade Barrett and Nexus until next week’s RAW to prepare their case to WWE officials! Cole continues reading the GM’s email that also states that, if any member of Nexus makes contact with a WWE Superstar, then they will be “terminated” and if a WWE Superstar makes contact with a member of Nexus, then that Superstar will be suspended! With that plan shot down by the anonymous GM, John Cena proposes a rematch from last week for the WWE Title, but the GM once again interrupts with an email that announces that WWE Champion Sheamus will be in action, but will face “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry in a non-title bout! The GM’s email then states that, in three weeks’ time, at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, there will be an eight-man Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match from RAW with the winner getting a guaranteed WWE Title shot whenever they choose and that the competitors for the match will be determined on RAW! A frustrated Sheamus then exits the ring, but a Steel Cage begins to lower from the ceiling as the GM sends another email that announces that, at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, Sheamus will defend the WWE Title against John Cena, but this time, it will take place in a Steel Cage Match! Can Sheamus retain the WWE Title against John Cena when both competitors are locked inside a solid Steel Cage at WWE Money-in-the-Bank?

In a rematch from WWE Fatal 4-Way, the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty, along with Natalya, were set to square off with The Usos & Tamina, but as The Hart Dynasty & Natalya make their way to the ring, The Usos & Tamina attack the trio from behind and leave The Hart Dynasty & Natalya laid out with Tamina hitting the Superfly Splash on Natalya! How will The Hart Dynasty & Natalya respond to this attack by The Usos & Tamina?

After weeks of trying to get Vladimir Kozlov to become his tag team partner, Santino Marella would go one-on-one with “The Moscow Mauler” with the stipulation that, if Santino manages to defeat Vladimir Kozlov, then Kozlov will become his tag team partner! In the end, it was Kozlov hitting the Iron Curtain on Santino en route to picking up the win! After the match, William Regal shakes the hand of his former protégé before Regal enters the ring and starts stomping away at Santino! This prompts Kozlov to re-enter the ring and blast Regal with a big boot before helping Santino out of the ring and carrying him to the back! Despite Santino losing, has Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov formed a friendship?

Backstage, The Great Khali is asked about what actions should be taken against the Nexus group and Khali replies, but Khali’s brother and translator, Ranjin Singh, calls his larger brother a “big dumb giant” and says that, if Nexus showed up, The Great Khali would “run” from the group! What has caused this apparent rift between The Great Khali and his brother, Ranjin Singh?

The Guest Host of RAW then appears on RAW as five-time Grammy winning heavy metal rocker and film director, Rob Zombie, makes an appearance and states that he is there because he loves “sick and twisted” things before revealing that he is there to name the eight participants for the RAW Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match as “The Viper” Randy Orton, United States Champion The Miz, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Evan Bourne, “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase, “The Monday Night Delight” John Morrison, and the first Money-in-the-Bank winner, “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge will fill out the eight spots in the match! This prompts Edge to appear and says that he has not talked to Rob Zombie since he “dumped” Zombie’s song as his entrance theme! Zombie responds by saying that he “took” his song back because he could not stand to have Edge “destroy” it any longer! Rob Zombie then makes his exit as Edge reminds everyone that he won the first Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match and ended up cashing in the title opportunity ten months later on then WWE Champion John Cena to win the gold! Edge then proclaims that he “owns” the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match and that, at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, he will win the eight-man Ladder Match to earn the Money-in-the-Bank contract! The anonymous RAW General Manager then interrupts with an email as the GM announces, through Michael Cole, that the eight Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match participants will compete in the main event as the team of Randy Orton, R-Truth, John Morrison, & Evan Bourne will face the team of Edge, Chris Jericho, Ted DiBiase, & United States Champion The Miz in an 8-Man Tag Match! Which team will emerge as the winners in this huge main event?

Three weeks before he defends the WWE Title against John Cena in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, WWE Champion, Sheamus, would go one-on-one with “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry in a non-title match! In the end, it was Sheamus hitting his signature pump kick on Mark Henry en route to picking up the win!

Backstage, interviewer Josh Mathews is with six of the seven members of Nexus; David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young, Skip Sheffield, & Michael Tarver! Mathews asks the group what they think of the anonymous GM’s declaration that they will be “terminated” if they lay a hand on any WWE Superstar. Michael Tarver responds by reminding Josh Mathews that it works both ways as, if a WWE Superstar lays a hand on any member of Nexus, then they will be suspended, but they can still make an “impact”! Josh Mathews begins to ask Nexus how they will make an “impact”, but Skip Sheffield confronts a stagehand and lays the employee out before stating that is how they plan to make an “impact” before surrounding the interviewer and laughing maniacally! How does Nexus intend to make an “impact”?

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler makes an in-ring appearance to present the new career-chronicling DVD set for Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat! “The King” then brings out “The Dragon” himself! Lawler then brings out four WWE Legends to congratulate Steamboat on his legendary career as Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, Mike Rotunda, & Michael Hayes come out and congratulate the Hall of Famer on all his accomplishments ins his life and career! However, a celebratory and nostalgic moment on RAW turns dire as Nexus comes out and surrounds the ring. Together, the six Legends temporarily hold off an attack by the merciless contingent, but the six Nexus members pick off each Legend one-by-one. First, Nexus pulls Arn Anderson out of the ring and attack the former Four Horseman member before sending Arn into the steel ring post. Nexus then manages to get their hands on Dean Malenko and ram the Legend into the ringside barricade. The six assailants then pull Mike Rotunda out of the ring and leave Rotunda laid out as well. With Michael Hayes, Jerry Lawler, & Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat left in the ring, Nexus enters the ring and the three Legends do their best to fight off with the group, but the six-on-three odds are too much as Nexus assaults and leaves Michael Hayes & Jerry Lawler laid out on the outside before the seemingly unstoppable group focus their attention solely on Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. The WWE Hall of Famer tries his best to fight off Nexus, but the impossible odds catch up to Steamboat as Nexus ruthlessly assault the pro-wrestling pioneer and leave “The Dragon” incapacitated in the middle of the ring. As the ruthless attacks continue on anyone and everyone, how will the anonymous RAW General Manager and WWE management ensure that the attacks stop?

Former Divas Champion Eve Torres was in action on RAW as Eve would team with Gail Kim to face the team of Divas Champion Alicia Fox & Maryse! In the end, it was Alicia Fox hitting the Fox Kick en route to pinning Gail Kim to pick up the win for her team!

Then it was time for the main event as the eight participants in the RAW Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match that will take place at WWE Money-in-the-Bank in three weeks’ time would be in an 8-Man Tag action as “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge, Chris Jericho, “The Fortunate Son” Ted DiBiase, & United States Champion The Miz would face the team of “The Viper” Randy Orton, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, & “The Monday Night Delight” John Morrison! In the end, it was Randy Orton hitting Ted DiBiase with a lightning-quick RKO on Ted DiBiase en route to winning the match for his team! After the match, Edge blindsides Randy Orton, which leads to Edge blasting R-Truth with a ladder, Evan Bourne & John Morrison taking down Edge, as well as Chris Jericho, before The Miz plants John Morrison with the Skull-Crushing Finale! The Miz then looks to symbolically climb the ladder, but Randy Orton re-enters the ring and knocks The Miz off of the ladder before climbing the ladder himself and, in what could be a sign of things to come at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, Orton climbed the ladder and retrieved the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase that hangs above the ring! Could this be the scene for Randy Orton come WWE Money-in-the-Bank? Will “The Viper” become the new “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank”?

The fourth week of NXT Season Two came to you, live, from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Three weeks after the beginning of Season Two of NXT saw us introduced to the grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig and the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, Michael McGillicutty, the unstable Redwood known as Eli Cottonwood, the Rookie who considers himself lucky, Lucky Cannon, the flamboyant and charismatic “Showtime” Percy Watson, former Florida Gator Titus O’Neil, “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley, the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and the son of Mike “I.R.S” Rotunda, Husky Harris, & “The World Warrior” Kaval, the WWE Pros and the WWE fans will vote to determine the first NXT Poll of Season Two as the NXT Rookies will discover which one of them is the best and which ones need improvement to avoid eventual elimination!

WWE NXT (June 29, 2010)
Good Week For: Kaval (picked up the win for his team in 6-Man Tag action and was ranked number one in the first NXT Poll)
Bad Week For: Titus O’Neil (was ranked last and subsequently eliminated from NXT)

Detailed Results Follow…

The show kicks off with NXT Co-Host Ashley Valence as Ashley introduces the eight NXT Rookies as Alex Riley, Husky Harris, Titus O’Neil, Kaval, Eli Cottonwood, “Showtime” Percy Watson, Lucky Cannon, & Michael McGillicutty take their spots on the stage! Valence then makes the shocking announcement that, not only will the first NXT Poll take place with votes cast by the eight WWE Pros and the WWE fans, but that the first elimination will also take place! Ashley then sends it to Co-Host Matt Striker, who introduces the first NXT challenge of NXT Season Two as the eight Rookies would compete in the Keg Carrying Challenge with the winner earning immunity from being eliminated first! Up first was third-generation Rookie, Michael McGillicutty, who almost immediately dropped the keg, meaning that he was disqualified! Up second was Lucky Cannon, who set the time to beat at 12.7 seconds; a time that “Showtime” Percy Watson & Eli Cottonwood just missed beating! Up next was “The World Warrior” Kaval, who says that the keg weighs “just as much” as he does and that he is not going to compete unless it is in the ring! Up next was the former Florida Gator, Titus O’Neil, who found himself tripping and falling with the keg, meaning that he was disqualified from the contest! Husky Harris was up next, but the third-generation competitor seemed to tweak his ankle about halfway through, resulting in Husky dropping the keg! When Matt Striker asked if Husky injured himself, Harris said that Striker was pretty brave for talking to him after last week and advised Striker to “back off”! Lastly, “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley competed in the Keg Carrying Challenge, but Riley came up just short on his time, meaning that Lucky Cannon wins the Keg Carrying Challenge and wins immunity from the first NXT elimination! Which Rookie’s dream will come to an end via the first NXT Poll and subsequent elimination?

The third-generation competitor, Husky Harris, would be looking to make a more direct impact on the WWE Pros as Husky would go one-on-one with WWE Pro, MVP! Despite a valiant effort by Husky Harris, experience won out in the end as MVP was able to hit the Play of the Day en route to pinning Husky for the win! How will Husky Harris’ match against MVP weigh with the WWE Pros and WWE fans?

With the first NXT Poll meaning the end of one of their dreams via the first NXT elimination, six of the Rookies would compete in a 6-Man Tag Match as the team of “The World Warrior” Kaval, the third-generation competitor Michael McGillicutty, and the immune Lucky Cannon would face the team of “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley, Titus O’Neil, & Eli Cottonwood! At the end of a chaotic 6-Man Tag, it was Kaval hitting the Warrior’s Way on Alex Riley en route to pinning Riley and picking up the win for his team! How will Kaval and the other Rookies’ performances weigh in with the WWE Pros and WWE fans?

Then it was time for the first NXT Poll and the subsequent first NXT elimination as the eight NXT Rookies line up at ringside to, with the exception of the immune Lucky Cannon, learn their fates! The top NXT Rookie, as voted on by the WWE Pros and the WWE fans, was “The World Warrior” Kaval, with the number two Rookie being “Showtime” Percy Watson, number three being Michael McGillicutty, number four being Alex Riley, number five being Lucky Cannon, and number six being Eli Cottonwood! This means that either Titus O’Neil or Husky Harris would be the first Rookie eliminated, with the third-generation competitor Husky Harris securing the number seven spot, meaning that Titus O’Neil is eliminated from NXT! Now that the seven remaining NXT Rookies know where they stand with the WWE Pros and the WWE fans, what will the Rookies do differently to either keep or improve their ranking?

The 63rd edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA and from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Casey Plaza at Wilkes-Barre, PA. After being attacked a few weeks ago by Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer, WWE Superstars would see “Captain Charisma” Christian go one-on-one with Curt Hawkins! Also on WWE Superstars, “The Bizarre Lonestar” Goldust will team with Yoshi Tatsu to face the team of “The Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder & Primo. After The Bella Twins pulled a switch to defeat Jillian last week, this week’s WWE Superstars would see Jillian go one-on-one with Nikki Bella.

WWE Superstars (July 1, 2010)
Good Week For: Christian (picked up the win in the main event)
Bad Week For: Jillian (for the second week in a row, was duped by The Bella Twins)

Detailed Results Follow…

The opening match of the night saw tag team action as the team of “The Bizarre Lonestar” Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu faced the team of “The Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder & Primo. In the end, it was Zack Ryder hitting the Rough Ryder Leg Lariat on Yoshi Tatsu en route to pinning Tatsu to win the match for his team!

One week after The Bella Twins pulled the switch on Jillian that saw Nikki Bella come in for her twin sister, Brie, and score the pin on Jillian, “The Sour Songstress” would be out for revenge as Jillian would go one-on-one with Nikki Bella! During the match, Jillian knocked Nikki Bella to the outside of the ring and Nikki’s sister, Brie, went to check on Nikki and Jillian attacked Brie and left both of The Bella Twins laid out on the outside! The Bella Twins would recover and both would roll under the ring and, shortly after this, one of The Bella Twins would emerge; distracting Jillian long enough for the other Bella Twin to catch Jillian from behind with a roll-up to win the match for Nikki Bella! How will Jillian respond to being duped by The Bella Twins for the second week in a row?

Then it was time for the main event as, after being attacked by Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer a few weeks ago on SmackDown, “Captain Charisma” Christian would be looking for payback as Christian would go one-on-one with Curt Hawkins! With the referee ejecting Vance Archer from ringside, Christian was able to hook Curt Hawkins up and delivering the Killswitch en route to picking up the win over Hawkins!

The 567th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Twelve nights after winning the title at WWE Fatal 4-Way, the new World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, would make his first address as the new champion! On Wednesday, revealed six of the eight participants in the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match as “The Big Red Machine” Kane, “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, “The Heart And Soul of SmackDown” Matt Hardy, “Captain Charisma” Christian, and the self-proclaimed “Dashing” Cody Rhodes will compete in the match with the final two participants being revealed on SmackDown! Just over two weeks before they are two of eight competitors in the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match at WWE Money-in-the-Bank, ladder match veteran, Christian, will present a special edition of The Peep Show and his guest will be fellow ladder match veteran and familiar adversary, Matt Hardy!

Friday Night SmackDown (July 2, 2010)
Good Week For: Jack Swagger (may have done serious damage to the ankle of Rey Mysterio)
Bad Week For: Rey Mysterio (on his first SmackDown since becoming World Champion, had his ankle assaulted by Jack Swagger)

Detailed Results Follow…

Just over two weeks before he challenges new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio for the gold at WWE Money-in-the-Bank and one week after assaulting the ankle of Big Show, the show kicks with former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger! Swagger says that, last week, he decided to force others to “feel the pain” that he felt after being “cheated” out of the World Heavyweight Title! “The All-American American” continues that, if he can do what he did to Big Show last week, then he can do that to anyone! Swagger continues that everyone should be talking about what he did to Big Show last week and not the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match! Swagger then reminds everyone of his victory at WrestleMania XXVI where he won the Money-in-the-Bank title opportunity and cashed it in five nights later to win the World Heavyweight Title! Tears start to well up as Swagger says that, at WWE Fatal 4-Way, it all “came crashing down” when he was “cheated” out of the World Heavyweight Title and stated that, the “worst part”, was that his “daddy” was “devastated”, but no one “cares”! This brings out a limping “World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show, who mocks Jack Swagger and says that “no one cares” about his “moaning and crying”, because there are “more important” things to be worried about! Big Show then tells Swagger that he “started something he should have finished” before admitting that Swagger “hurt” him, but he did not “finish the job” and, as long as he is still “standing and breathing”, he “won’t stop”! Big Show then “begs” Swagger to come and try and put the ankle lock on him “one more time”! Swagger responds by saying that he has “nothing to prove” to Big Show and he is going to make Rey Mysterio feel what Big Show felt last week come WWE Money-in-the-Bank when he regains the World Heavyweight Title! Big Show responds by calling “delusional” and unable to separate “fantasy from reality” and states that Swagger is living in a “fantasy” if he thinks that he can break Show’s ankle, but that the “reality” is that he can break Swagger’s jaw! With this bold statement, Big Show makes his way to the ring, but Big Show is clipped in the hurt ankle, from behind, by Cody Rhodes! Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes then commence a two-on-one assault on “The World’s Largest Athlete” until the new World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, rushes out to aid Big Show and run Swagger & Rhodes! With WWE Money-in-the-Bank rapidly approaching, what else will go down between new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio and former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger? What will go down between the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match participants?

One of the eight participants in the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match was in action on SmackDown as Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston went one-on-one with “The Platinum Superstar” Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match! In the end, it was Dolph Ziggler becoming distracted by SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero at ringside that allowed Kofi Kingston to hit Trouble in Paradise and pin Dolph en route to picking up the win and keep Dolph Ziggler from becoming the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title! After the match, a disappointed Vickie Guerrero left Dolph high and dry in the ring! What is the status of Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler’s relationship?

Backstage, with his right arm in a sling following surgery to his arm last week, “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk is backstage with Serena & Luke Gallows and Punk tells Serena to let him “handle it” and Serena responds by imploring Punk to “admit it” because Kane “will not stop”! Punk tells Serena that the “last thing” they are going to do is “admit it” and says that he has the situation “under control”! Serena disagrees by saying that they lost “control” of it a “long time ago”! Luke Gallows then tells Serena to “calm down”, but Serena refuses and tells Punk that it “hurt” her to see Punk’s face before he went into the operating room for his arm surgery and it made her feel “helpless” and “broke” her heart! Punk then asks Serena if she “trusts” him and, after she says that she does, Punk tells Serena to let them “take care of it” when Luke Gallows goes one-on-one with Kane later in the night! Serena then states that, if they don’t “take care of it”, then she will! CM Punk then turns to Luke Gallows and tells Gallows that it “ends” on SmackDown and that The Straightedge Society “depends on it”! What does CM Punk & The Straightedge Society have in store for Kane?

Just over two weeks before they are two of eight participants in the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match, “Captain Charisma” Christian presents a special edition of The Peep Show with his guest, Matt Hardy! Christian brings up Matt’s recent problems with Drew McIntyre that saw him suspended, but brought back last week where he defeated Drew McIntyre before McIntyre was deported back to Scotland due to an expired work visa! Christian then commented that it was nice to see Matt back in the ring with McIntyre without Matt getting “dropped” on his head! Matt responds by saying that he has fought an “uphill battle” in his WWE career and admits that he sustained head injuries, but starts to say that he “will not die”, but Christian jumps in and proclaims that Matt “will not win the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match”! Christian then says that, despite their extensive Ladder Match experience, neither one of them has won the Money-in-the-Bank title opportunity and, while they both “deserve it”, he will be the one winning the Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match! Matt then tells Christian that they have both won prestigious championships in their career, but neither of them has ever been a World Champion! Matt continues that whoever wins the Money-in-the-Bank title opportunity will “change everything” for that Superstar and he plans for it to be him! Christian responds by saying they are both “confident”, but neither of them have ever been “The Chosen One” like Drew McIntyre and they have had to fight for everything they have earned in the WWE! Christian then proclaims that he is “sick and tired” of seeing guys like Drew McIntyre and get countless opportunities without having to have “earned it” and it is his “opportunity” to win the Money-in-the-Bank title and vows that he will win it! Matt responds by saying that it bothers him to have worked his entire career and has still not won a World Title! Matt then states that he hopes, at the end of the match, it will come down to them; the two Superstars who “deserve it more than anyone else”! Matt and Christian then get into each other’s faces and tells each other that they will be the one to win the Money-in-the-Bank title opportunity! Christian then starts to leave the ring, but decides to go back and confront Matt, but Matt hits a right hand on Christian before sending “Captain Charisma” careening into one of the ladders set up in the ring! Will Christian or Matt Hardy win the SmackDown Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match or will one of the other six Superstars in the match earn the prestigious title shot?

One week after dismantling The Straightedge Society and destroying the right arm of CM Punk all in his quest for revenge for the attack on his brother, The Undertaker, “The Big Red Machine” Kane would go one-on-one with “The Straightedge Disciple” Luke Gallows! In the middle of the match, Kane is prepared to deliver the chokeslam to Gallows, but the masked ally of The Straightedge Society intervenes! Kane then delivers a chokeslam to the masked man, as well as Luke Gallows before getting his hands on the injured CM Punk! Kane is prepared to chokeslam Punk, but Serena rushes out and pleads with Kane to let Punk go because she can prove Punk’s “innocence”! Despite the protests of CM Punk, Serena tells Kane that Punk was with her the night The Undertaker was attacked; saying that Punk was “saving” her! Not believing Serena, Kane again gets ready to chokeslam Punk, but Serena presents security camera footage that depicts Serena partaking in several alcoholic drinks at a local bar with a stranger in the bar before CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and the masked ally barge into the bar and scare the stranger off before retrieving Serena and exiting! After seeing the video evidence, Kane releases CM Punk and exits the ring! Serena then tends to CM Punk, who screams at Serena; asking Serena if she has “any idea” what she just did! After the security camera footage publicly showed Serena partaking in several alcoholic drinks, what is Serena’s standing with CM Punk & The Straightedge Society?

“The Ballin’ Superstar” MVP was in action on SmackDown as MVP would go one-on-one with Chavo Guerrero, but before the match, Chavo says that Dolph Ziggler could not get the “job done” against Kofi Kingston, but says that “after” he beats MVP, he should get a shot at the Intercontinental Title! Even though Chavo Guerrero had a strong showing against MVP early on, MVP was able to hit the Play of the Day on Chavo en route to picking up the win! How will Chavo Guerrero react to losing the match against MVP?

Kelly Kelly was in action on SmackDown as the blonde Diva would go one-on-one with one-half of the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” Michelle McCool, but before the match, both members of Lay-Cool attack Tiffany and send Kelly Kelly’s friend into the ringside barricade! During the match, Layla sprays some sort of deodorant all over Kelly Kelly, which leads to Tiffany laying Layla out with a clothesline on the outside! McCool gets distracted by the happenings on the outside, which allows Kelly Kelly to roll McCool up and pick up the win! As Kelly Kelly & Tiffany continue to have the number of Lay-Cool, is Kelly Kelly on the verge of getting a shot at the Women’s Title?

Before he teams with Big Show to face Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes in the main event, new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio would make an appearance on SmackDown to deliver his first address as the new champion! Mysterio starts by saying that it feels “great” to be “reliving” his dream to be World Champion! Rey states that there will be “obstacles” he will face as World Champion, but he is “ready” for them! Rey continues that it has taken him a career to make it to the top of SmackDown and that Jack Swagger, or anyone else, will not take that away from him!

Then it was time for the main event as, for the first time since winning the gold, new World Champion Rey Mysterio would team with “The World’s Largest Athlete” Big Show to face his WWE Money-in-the-Bank opponent, “The All-American American” Jack Swagger and the self-proclaimed “Dashing” Cody Rhodes! During the match, Jack Swagger managed to get Rey Mysterio locked in the ankle lock and, despite the referee’s five count and subsequent disqualification, Swagger refused to release the hold until Big Show entered the ring, where Jack Swagger dragged Rey to the outside and continued to hold onto the ankle lock until finally releasing the hold! What is the status of Rey Mysterio’s ankle after suffering at the hands of Jack Swagger’s ankle lock?

Superstar of the Week: Jack Swagger

Alumni Profile of the Week
Name: Trish Stratus
Born On: December 18, 1975 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Age: 34
Resides: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Trained By: Finlay & Ron Hutchinson
WWE Run: March 19, 2000- September 17, 2006

Seven Time Women’s Champion
One Time Hardcore Champion
Diva of the Decade
Four Time Babe of the Year (2001, 2002, 2003, & 2004)

Did You Know?
Trish Stratus holds the record for most reigns as Women’s Champion with seven reigns in her WWE career.

Next Week’s WWE Television Schedule
Monday, July 5: RAW, LIVE from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN
Tuesday, July 6: WWE NXT from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA
Thursday, July 8: WWE Superstars from Nashville, TN & Atlanta, GA
Friday, July 9: The Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA (Theodore Long’s Hometown) Hosts SmackDown