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Season Finale of WWE NXT Detailed Results

After twelve weeks of competition and five Rookies eliminated, the time would finally come for one Rookie’s dream to come true as the Season Finale of NXT would come to you, live, from the Times Union Center in Albany, NY and either “The World Warrior” Kaval, the third-generation competitor Michael McGillicutty, & “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley would be named WWE’s next breakout star and earn a guaranteed title opportunity a future pay-per-view event!

>>Match Results<<

  • Triple Threat: Alex Riley def. Kaval & Michael McGillicutty by pinning Michael McGillicutty following a rolling liger kick by Kaval.

>>Detailed Results<<

Less than an hour before the winner of NXT Season Two is announced, the show kicks off with the introduction of the WWE Pros as MVP, Zack Ryder, John Morrison, Mark Henry, & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes as the Pros whose Rookies were eliminated take their seats on the stage! United States Champion & “Mr. Money-in-the-Bank” The Miz introduces his Rookie, Alex Riley, the self-proclaimed “co-Women’s Champions” LayCool introduce their NXT Rookie, Kaval, and, finally, Kofi Kingston introduces his Rookie, Michael McGillicutty as the WWE Pros stand in the ring with their finalist Rookies! With the Pros & Rookies in the ring, NXT Host Matt Striker points out that the eliminated NXT Rookies, Husky Harris, Eli Cottonwood, Lucky Cannon, Titus O’Neil, & “Showtime” Percy Watson, who are seated in the front row at ringside! Matt Striker then announcers that the final three NXT Rookies will face off in a Triple Threat Match on NXT! Upon hearing this announcement, a confrontation takes place between the Pros & Rookies as Kaval shoves The Miz down and Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, & Kofi Kingston rid the ring of the other Pros & Rookies! Who will emerge victorious in the Triple Threat Match between the three finalists in NXT Season Two?

It was announced on NXT that next week will be the Season Three Premiere of WWE NXT and Season Three will be an All Divas Season as eight Rookie Divas will compete for the right to be the WWE’s next breakout Diva! The first Pro & Rookie Diva pairing was revealed as SmackDown Diva Kelly Kelly will mentor a Rookie Diva, who she describes as “fun, sassy, and athletic”, by the name of Naomi!

With the announcement of the winner of NXT Season Two looming, the three finalists would square off as “The World Warrior” Kaval, the third-generation Michael McGillicutty, & “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley in a Triple Threat Match in a last ditch effort to impress the WWE Pros and WWE fans! In the end, it was Kaval hitting a rolling liger kick on Michael McGillicutty before going for the Warrior’s Way, but Alex Riley would knock Kaval off of the top rope before jumping in the ring and pinning Michael McGillicutty himself to steal the win! Will this win by Alex Riley propel him to being the victor in NXT Season Two?

Another Rookie Diva for NXT Season Three was introduces as former Divas Champion Alicia Fox will mentor Rookie Diva Maxine, who Alicia Fox describes as having a “champagne taste with a champagne budget”! What kind of impression will Maxine and the other Rookie Divas make on next week’s Season Three Premiere?

A “bizarre” WWE Pro was then revealed for NXT Season Three as “The Bizarre Lonestar” Goldust will mentor a Rookie Diva all the way from Lithuania in Aksana! How will Goldust and Aksana mesh as a Pro & Rookie Diva pairing?

Moments before a Rookie is eliminated, leaving only two finalists, NXT Host Matt Striker asks the eliminated NXT Rookies in the front row who should win NXT Season Two and both Titus O’Neil & Eli Cottonwood state that Alex Riley should win! Lucky Cannon’s responds by saying that they “flushed” NXT down the toilet the moment they eliminated him! “Showtime” Percy Watson would then state that Michael McGillicutty should win and Husky Harris agrees and states that, like himself and Cody Rhodes, McGillicutty was “born better”! After the five eliminated NXT Rookies gave their opinions, it was time to reveal who would be eliminated from the three finalists and it was announced that “The Varsity Villain” Alex Riley was eliminated from NXT! Alex Riley then delivers his parting words by saying that he is still the “most talented kid” in the contest before proclaiming that everyone should “bet the future of the WWE on Alex Riley”! Now that only Kaval & Michael McGillicutty remain, who will be named the winner of NXT Season Two?

The next WWE Pro & Rookie Diva team for NXT Season Three was revealed as The Bella Twins; Brie & Nikki will mentor the athletic former NXT Ring Announcer, Jamie! Can Jamie do as good as a competitor in NXT as she has done as a ring announcer?

It was revealed that former tag team champion Primo will be a WWE Pro to a Rookie Diva who says that she represents the “nerds” and there is “no getting rid” of her as Primo will mentor the Rookie Diva, A.J.!

Moments before one of them is named the winner of NXT Season Two, finalists Kaval & Michael McGillicutty got to deliver their final words to their fellow finalist! Michael McGillicutty is the first to speak and McGillicutty states that he does not whether to “spank” or “breast feed” Kaval and accuses of Kaval wearing a “wetsuit” to compete and states that the name, Kaval, means “flute”! Kaval responds by saying that Michael McGillicutty was set up “perfectly” to be a star and he comes from a “hard-working, middle class family”! Kaval then proclaims that he has “earned” his respect by competing with legendary names such as Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero and McGillicutty is “sadly mistaken” if McGillicutty thinks he does not belong there and he will be the “next breakout star”! Who will be the winner of NXT Season Two and earn a guaranteed title opportunity at a future pay-per-view event?

It was revealed that SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero will serve as a WWE Pro in NXT Season Three to the 6’9” tall Rookie Diva, who describes herself as a “beast who is going to dominate” as the towering Rookie Diva, Aloisia! How will Aloisia and the other Rookie Divas fair in NXT Season Three?

Then it was time for the big moment as it was announced that none other than “The World Warrior” Kaval is the WWE’s next breakout star and will earn a title opportunity at a future pay-per-view event! After finding out that Kaval was the winner of NXT Season Two, Michael McGillicutty tells Kaval that he is “nowhere near” the level of Michael McGillicutty! Michael McGillicutty continues that he is “the future of the WWE” and he is the “next big thing” and, starting at that moment, it will be the “genesis of McGillicutty”! The winner of NXT Season Two, Kaval, then got his chance to speak and Kaval starts to thank everyone when the eliminated NXT Rookies rush the ring and attack Kaval before the WWE Pros rush the ring and fight off the eliminated Rookies, sparking a brawl between Pros, eliminated Rookies, and Season Two winner Kaval! The referees manage to get most of the brawl under control as the six eliminated Rookies pick Kaval apart! How will Kaval respond to this assault? Now that he is the winner of NXT Season Two, will Kaval go to RAW or SmackDown? What kind of impact will Kaval make when he does make his debut as a Superstar?