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WWE NXT September 14, 2010 Detailed Results

The second week of NXT Season Three came to you from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI. One week after the six NXT Rookie Divas made their introductions to the WWE fans and one week after Rookie Diva Naomi took a huge step in earning immunity in the first NXT elimination by winning the first two NXT challenges, Naomi, Jamie, A.J., Maxine, Aksana, & Kaitlyn would compete in two more NXT challenges as, whoever wins the most NXT challenges, will earn immunity in the first NXT elimination in three weeks time!

>>Match Results<<

  • Mixed Tag Match: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Primo & A.J. by Dolph Ziggler pinning Primo following the Zig Zag.
  • Jamie (in her NXT in-ring debut) def. Aksana by roll-up.

>>Detailed Results<<

One week after her NXT Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, inadvertently collided with her, the show kicks off with SmackDown Consultant & WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero, who introduces her guest as her boyfriend, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, as Dolph would team with Vickie’s Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, to face the two competitors responsible for Vickie’s embarrassment last week in WWE Primo and his NXT Rookie Diva, A.J. in a Mixed Tag Match! In the end, it was Dolph Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag on Primo en route to picking up the win! After the match, a post-match celebration and embrace between Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn seemed to visibly upset Dolph’s girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero, who leaves the ringside area and heads backstage without her boyfriend! How will Vickie Guerrero respond to Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn’s post-match celebration?

Then it was time for another NXT challenge as, the Rookie Diva who wins the most challenges overall, will earn immunity in the first NXT elimination in three weeks and this time, the six Rookie Divas would compete in the first ever NXT Joke-Off where the six Rookie Divas would each tell a joke and the WWE fans will determine the winner! First up was A.J., who opts for a blonde joke, followed by Aksana, who tells a joke in Lithuanian and in English! Then, Jamie took the microphone and delivers a knock knock joke that ends with Jamie eluding to no one knowing who the other Rookie Divas are after the end of the competition! Naomi would then follow that up with the “dog with no legs” joke before it is Maxine’s turn as Maxine says she is in the ring with five “jokes” before getting in A.J.’s face and calling her a “girl scout”! This sparks a brawl that involves all six Rookie Divas, but after NXT Host Matt Striker breaks up the fight, it is Kaitlyn’s turn as Kaitlyn proceeds to slap A.J. across the face, prompting another brawl that is again broken up by Matt Striker! After the fighting stopped, the WWE fans roared their approval for the Rookie Diva with the best joke as Jamie wins the Joke-Off competition! After the competition, NXT commentator Michael Cole stands up and repeatedly sounds a gong before saying that all the Rookie Divas should be “gonged”, NXT Host Matt Striker should be “gonged”, and the WWE fans who bought tickets to watch NXT should be “gonged” and the entire NXT show should be “gonged” because himself and fellow commentator Josh Mathews are the only thing to like about NXT! What will be the response to Michael Cole’s statements regarding NXT?

In the first one-on-one match between Rookie Divas in NXT Season Three, former ring announcer Jamie would go one-on-one with the Lithuanian Rookie Diva, Aksana! In the end, it was Jamie coming out of nowhere with a roll-up on Aksana to pick up the win! After winning the Joke-Off and winning her debut match, is Jamie set to match the two challenge wins of Naomi?

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero confronts her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, and questions Dolph about the post-match celebration between Dolph and Vickie’s Rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, and Dolph denies anything between the two of them and Vickie threatens that, if Dolph does something like that again, then Dolph will lose Vickie!

Then it was time for the second NXT challenge of the night as the six Rookie Divas would compete in the Obstacle Course Challenge where the Rookie Diva with the shortest time going through the course would be the winner! Kaitlyn was set to be the first to compete, but she is interrupted by her WWE Pro Vickie Guerrero, who tells her Rookie Diva that, for embarrassing her last week and “using” her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, to earn a win earlier in the night, she would run the obstacle course to shoe Kaitlyn how to do it! Vickie would run the obstacle course, but before making it to the last obstacle, Vickie would trip and fall, which would prompt the WWE Pro to abandon the competition and head backstage, embarrassed once again! How will Vickie Guerrero respond to being embarrassed yet again?

After witnessing her WWE Pro run and abandon the obstacle course, Rookie Diva Kaitlyn would set the time to beat in the Obstacle Course Challenge by scoring a time of 36.5! Next up was Aksana, who narrowly missed beating Kaitlyn’s time by scoring a time of 37.2 and then A.J. was up, scoring a time of 46.0! With Kaitlyn’s time to beat still intact, Maxine would be the next Rookie Diva to take on the obstacle course and would end up scoring a time of 39.1, narrowly missing beating the time! Next up was the winner of the first challenge of the night as Jamie took to the course and ended up coming the closest to beating the time with a finish time of 36.8, a mere three milliseconds away from winning! Last up was the winner of two NXT challenges as Naomi took to the course, but after messing up on a couple of the obstacles, Naomi would score a time of 57.4, meaning that Kaitlyn is the winner of the Obstacle Course Challenge! Immediately after winning, the gong repeatedly sounds again as NXT commentator Michael Cole once again stands up and says that NXT insults his “journalistic integrity” because he used to be a “war correspondent! Cole would then proclaim that he is “done” with NXT before storming off from his announce position as the WWE fans, the WWE Pros, and the Rookie Divas serenade Michael Cole with the singing of “nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye”! After Jamie won one challenge and Kaitlyn won the other, Naomi is still in the lead with two challenge wins! Will Naomi earn immunity in the first NXT elimination or will another Rookie Diva earn that right?