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WWE Friday Night SmackDown October 22, 2010 Detailed Results

Two nights before RAW and SmackDown clash at WWE Bragging Rights, the 583rd edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown came to you from the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Two nights before he defends the WWE Title against Nexus leader Wade Barrett, with John Cena in Barrett’s corner, at Bragging Rights, WWE Champion Randy Orton would invade SmackDown to go one-on-one with World Heavyweight Champion Kane, just two nights before Kane defends the gold against his brother, The Undertaker, in a Buried Alive Match!

>>Match Results<<

  • RAW Vs. SmackDown 6-Man Tag: Big Show, Rey Mysterio, & Kofi Kingston (SmackDown) def. The Miz, Sheamus, & Ezekiel Jackson (RAW) by Rey Mysterio pinning The Miz following a Big Show-aided splash.
  • RAW Vs. SmackDown: Jack Swagger (with the Swagger Soaring Eagle) def. Santino Marella (with Hornswoggle) by submission to the ankle lock.
  • RAW Vs. SmackDown: Alberto Del Rio def. John Morrison by submission to the cross armbreaker.
  • RAW Vs. SmackDown: Edge def. CM Punk by DQ after The Miz & Alex Riley interfere.
  • Natalya & Kelly Kelly def. LayCool by Layla tapping out to Natalya’s Sharpshooter.
  • Champion Vs. Champion: Randy Orton (with The Undertaker) def. Kane by pin following the RKO.

>>Detailed Results<<

Two nights before the 7-on-7 RAW Vs. SmackDown Bragging Rights Elimination Tag Match, the show kicks off with the seven members of Team SmackDown; Team Captain Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Tyler Reks, & Kofi Kingston in the ring and face-to-face with their opposition at Bragging Rights, Team RAW; Team Captain The Miz, with his personally signed “apprentice” Alex Riley, John Morrison, Sheamus, Santino Marella, CM Punk, & Ezekiel Jackson! SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long then announces that he is letting the Superstars of the two teams choose the matches! RAW Team Captain The Miz speaks first as Miz says that Theodore Long should “thank” him for him and Team RAW appearing on the “B Show”! Miz continues that he has already proven his “superiority” over SmackDown Team Captain Big Show, so he is going to “spread the wealth” before announcing that he will team with Ezekiel Jackson and “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus in a 6-Man Tag! SmackDown Team Captain Big Show then states that The Miz is “hiding” behind the “powerhouses” just like Miz did when they was a tag team before Big Show reveals that he is going to fight the power of Ezekiel and Sheamus of Team RAW with speed by teaming with Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio! After the two Team Captains completed their interpromotional match for the evening, Team SmackDown member Edge states that he wants a one-on-one match with a member of Team RAW; a Superstar who Edge describes as the “most obnoxious, self-righteous, condescending, sanctimonious Superstar on either brand” in CM Punk! Team RAW member John Morrison then steps up and makes a challenge to someone who thinks he is “too good” to be in the WWE and someone who has a “hard time speaking the English language” in Alberto Del Rio! Team SmackDown member Jack Swagger then makes a challenge to the “one RAW Superstar whose finishing move is even worse than the Sharpshooter” and the “only WWE Superstar in history with a unibrow” as Swagger lays down the challenge to go one-on-one with the master of the Cobra Strike, Santino Marella! After SmackDown took over RAW on Monday night, can RAW rebound in the series of RAW Vs. SmackDown matches?

The interpromotional matches quickly got underway as a RAW Vs. SmackDown 6-Man Tag Match kicked off SmackDown as RAW Team Captain The Miz would team with Ezekiel Jackson and “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus to represent RAW against SmackDown Team Captain Big Show, Rey Mysterio, & Kofi Kingston! At the end of a chaotic 6-Man Tag match, it was Rey Mysterio diving off of the shoulders of Big Show in a splash on The Miz en route to Rey pinning RAW Team Captain The Miz to pick up the win! Is SmackDown’s win in 6-Man Tag action a sign of things to come this Sunday at Bragging Rights?

Then it was time for the second interpromotional match of the night as Team SmackDown member “The All-American American” Jack Swagger, with his personal mascot, the Swagger Soaring Eagle, in his corner, would go one-on-one with Team RAW member, Santino Marella! After a confrontation between the Swagger Soaring Eagle and the mascot of Team SmackDown, Hornswoggle, that saw the Swagger Soaring Eagle hit with the Cobra Strike and the Tadpole Splash, it was Swagger locking in the ankle lock, forcing Santino Marella to tap out to win the match!

In another RAW Vs. SmackDown match, Team RAW member “The Guru of Greatness” John Morrison would go one-on-one with Team SmackDown member, Alberto Del Rio! In the end, it was Alberto Del Rio locking in the devastating cross armbreaker, forcing John Morrison to tap out, earning SmackDown the third of the night!

After the two Superstars were recently traded for the other, Team SmackDown member “The Rated R Superstar” Edge would go one-on-one with Team RAW member “The Straightedge Savior” CM Punk! In the end, it looked like Edge was set to Spear CM Punk, but RAW Team Captain The Miz and his “apprentice” Alex Riley would come out and pull Edge out of the ring and throw Edge into the barricade before Miz & Riley would help CM Punk to his feet, but Kofi Kingston would come out and hit Trouble in Paradise on Alex Riley, only to be planted with the Skull Crushing Finale by The Miz! Tyler Reks would then come out and hit the Reks Factor on The Miz before John Morrison would come out and hit a tornado DDT on Reks followed by Alberto Del Rio coming out and taking Morrison out with an enziguri! Ezekiel Jackson would then rush to the ring and plant Alberto Del Rio with Total Domination, only to find himself locked in the ankle lock by Jack Swagger, but Santino Marella would come out, but Santino would be easily dispatched by the Swagger Bomb! Sheamus would then rush out and strike with a Brogue Kick on Jack Swagger before Big Show would come out and would chokeslam Ezekiel Jackson before getting taken out of the ring by the Brogue Kick, but Rey Mysterio would come out and deal with Sheamus via the 619 and this would be followed by CM Punk coming back into the ring and hitting the GTS on Mysterio, only to have Edge blast Punk with the Spear he originally intended to hit, ultimately leaving Team SmackDown the ones standing tall in the ring! Will this be the same scene come this Sunday night at Bragging Rights when Team RAW faces Team SmackDown in the 7-on-7 RAW Vs. SmackDown Bragging Rights Elimination Tag Match?

Two nights before she challenges “co-Divas Champion” Layla for the Divas Title, Natalya would team with Kelly Kelly to face self-proclaimed “co-Divas Champions” Layla, who opted to dress as Natalya, complete a Jim Neidhart goatee, and Michaelle McCool, who opted to dress as WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart! In the end, it was Natalya forcing Layla to tap out to the legendary Sharpshooter to win the match! Will Natalya force Layla to tap out this Sunday at Bragging Rights to win the Divas Title or will Layla, and Michelle McCool, find a way to retain the gold?

Then it was time for the main event as RAW’s WWE Champion Randy Orton would go one-on-one with SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Champion Kane, with Paul Bearer in his corner in a WrestleMania caliber Champion Vs. Champion Match! In the end, it looked like Kane was closing in on a victory as he readied the chokeslam, but the familiar sounding of the gong and the total dimming of the lights that typically signifies the arrival of The Undertaker would distract Kane long enough for Randy Orton to hit the RKO en route to picking up the win! After the match, an enraged Kane would search in and out of the ring for his brother, The Undertaker, but “The Phenom” would emerge through the ring mat and would grab a hold of his brother, Kane, and pull his brother through the ring and into a dark hell that both men know so well! Which brother will be buried six feet under when Kane defends the World Heavyweight Title against his brother, The Undertaker, in a Buried Alive Match at Bragging Rights?