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WWE NXT November 16, 2010 Detailed Results

With the Season Three Finale of NXT just two weeks away, the eleventh week of NXT Season Three came to you from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA. With only A.J., Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn remaining in the NXT competition, another Rookie Diva would be sent home as the third elimination of NXT Season Three would take place!

>>Match Results<<

  • "How Well Do You Know Your WWE Pro?" Contest: A.J. def. Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn
  • Naomi def. Kaitlyn by pin following a leg lariat.
  • Diss The Diva Contest: Naomi def. A.J., Aksana, & Kaitlyn
  • A.J. def. Aksana by submission to a crucifix submission.

>>Detailed Results<<

On a night where the third NXT elimination of Season Three would take place, the final four NXT Rookie Divas would be looking to earn some last minute immunity by racking up the challenge wins and NXT Host Matt Striker would bring Rookie Divas A.J., Naomi, Aksana, & Kaitlyn out to compete in “How Well Do You Know Your WWE Pro?” where the Rookie Divas would try to answer various questions and match their answers to those of their respective Pros! The first question was for the Pros & Rookies to answer what the Pros thought of their Rookies at first sight as Primo and A.J. would score first as they would both guess that Primo thought A.J. was “underage” at first sight! Goldust and Aksana would then both guess that Goldust thought Aksana was “sexy” and “hot” when Goldust first saw her! The dysfunctional Pro & Rookie Diva pairing of Vickie Guerrero & Kaitlyn would then give their answers as Kaitlyn would guess that Vickie thought that Kaitlyn was so much prettier than her at first sight and Vickie reveals that she thought her Rookie Diva was a “man” at first sight! Last up, Kelly Kelly & Naomi would both guess that Kelly Kelly thought that Naomi was “athletic” at first sight! The second question was for the WWE Pros to rate, on a scale of 1-5, the amount of in-ring ability their Rookie Diva has! First up was Kelly Kelly & Naomi and both Pro & Rookie Diva would match answers again as both would guess that Naomi has a “5” in terms of in-ring ability! Vickie & Kaitlyn were next and Vickie would answer with a “3” while Kaitlyn would guess a “1”, followed by Aksana guessing a “5” and Goldust guessing a “3”! Last up was Primo & A.J. as Primo would guess a “4” and A.J. would also guess “4”! Then it was time for the final question as the Pros & Rookie Divas would both guess who the Rookie Divas think should be eliminated! Primo & A.J. would be up first and, for the third time in the challenge, the Pro & Rookie Diva would match answers as both would answer that Aksana will be the next Rookie Diva eliminated! Goldust & Aksana would then make their guesses as Goldust would guess A.J. while Aksana guesses Kaitlyn! Vickie & Kaitlyn would then match answers by both guessing that Naomi would be the next Rookie Diva eliminated, followed by Kelly Kelly guessing Kaitlyn and Naomi guessing Aksana, meaning that A.J. would be named the winner of the challenge! With this challenge win, can A.J. avoid elimination?

On a night where one of them could be eliminated from NXT, the Rookie Divas were in action as Kaitlyn would go one-on-one with Naomi! In the end, it was Naomi hitting a leg lariat on Kaitlyn en route to picking up the win!

NXT would also see a confrontation between husband and wife and WWE Pro & NXT Rookie Diva as Aksana would apologize to Goldust and would present flowers to her WWE Pro! Goldust would accept the apology of his Rookie Diva, saying that since he does not have the Million Dollar Title, then everything is fine between them!

Up next would see the other two Rookie Divas face off as A.J. would go one-on-one with Aksana! In the end, it would be A.J. using her flexibility to lock in a crucifix submission hold, forcing Aksana to tap out!

Then it was time for the gloves to come off as the four Rookie Divas would compete in the Diss The Diva contest as the Rookie Divas would each be given sixty seconds to disrespect the other Rookie Divas and say why they should win NXT Season Three! First up was A.J. and the Rookie Diva lays into her opposition as she reminds Aksana that she just made Aksana tap out and saying that no one would know who Kaitlyn is if it was not for Vickie Guerrero and would also say that Naomi has the personality of a “dripping faucet”! The Lithuanian Rookie Diva, Aksana, was up next as Aksana told Naomi to stay away from her husband, Goldust, before telling A.J. that she looks like a “child” before proclaiming that everyone wants to be like her! Up next was Kaitlyn, who says that, if NXT was like high school, then Naomi would be the “jock”, Aksana would be the “foreign exchange student”, and A.J. would be the “nerd”! Lastly, it was Naomi as she would say that Kaitlyn can not wrestle, jumps around to impersonate A.J., and says that Aksana will go the way of Jamie & Maxine by being eliminated! The crowd would then decide that Naomi would be the winner of the Diss The Diva contest!

Then it was time to determine who would be the third NXT Rookie Diva eliminated as, with A.J. earning immunity from elimination, either Naomi, Aksana, or Kaitlyn would be eliminated! It would then be revealed that Aksana would be the one to be eliminated from NXT and, upon hearing this news, the eliminated Rookie Diva would faint! After coming to, Aksana would state that her eliminated was a “mistake” and she is going to write a letter to WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon over the elimination before making the walk out of the arena, but before making her exit, Aksana’s husband and, now, former WWE Pro, Goldust, would stop his former Rookie Diva and state that he wants a divorce from Aksana! With only A.J., Naomi, & Kaitlyn, another Rookie Diva will be eliminated on next week’s NXT, so who will be eliminated next week? Who will be the final two Rookie Divas come the Season Three Finale of NXT in two weeks?