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Carl Coperate Interview

This past week on Wednesday 7th of February I had the honor of interviewing K-Star wrestler Carl Corporate. This guy is a star in the making, and it was a pleasure doing this interview and would like to thank Carl for his time.

This past week on Wednesday 7th of February I had the honor of interviewing K-Star wrestler Carl Corporate. This guy is a star in the making, and it was a pleasure doing this interview and would like to thank Carl for his time.

Can you tell the readers a little about K-Star wrestling?

K-star wrestling is a small independent promotion with a lot of potential due to the fact that there are a lot of talented young and hungry guys wrestling for it and if anyone gets a chance to see a K-star show u have my word you will not be disappointed cause the working effort of the guys is immeasurable.

Could you tell us how you first got started in wrestling?

Well, when I was younger I used too backyard in front of my video camera with school mates which gives me a bit of a laugh now when I take a look at the old tapes, and then I found out about k-star through a wrestling magazine, and I have been training there every sense.

What other promotions have you wrestled for?

I have worked for Dave Reese many times and I have enjoyed it very much because on his shows I get to play heel and I really enjoy heel heat it really gives me a buzz. I have also worked for a promoter called Jack Taylor his shows are very different to usual shows due the fact that there stuck in a time warp very old school no music no promos just mat wrestling in 3 minute Rounds. Jonny “The Body” Stellard is another one I did two shows for him. I also made my debut on a Hammerlock show back in Feb. 1999.

Do you think the currant UK wrestling scene is starting to draw increased media attention than say 5 years ago?

Yeah I’d think it has cause to be honest I didn’t really hear much about English wrestling when I was younger it was all the WWF and the WCW but now English wrestling pops up every wear in local news papers the internet and even on the T.V a couple of weeks ago I heard the FWA did a documentary.

Do you see UK wrestling back on the TV screens in the near future?

I’d like to think so but it seems to me nobody is will to put UK wrestling on the T.V because I lot of promotions K-Star included struggle to get decent crowds so if that’s the case who’s to say that people would watch English wrestling when they have the WWF,WCW and now the ECW so although I would be very happy for it to come back on the box the chances of it happening are very low.

Do you see yourself going over seas to wrestle in the near future?

Oh yeah I hope to arrange with a few mates from K-Star to go to the USA for a holiday and find some work over there I fell it would be a great experience and a credit to K-Star.

If there was any promotion in the world you could join which would it be?

Most would say the WWF, but cause I’m not 7ft tall and 300lbs so I don’t think that would be a good option, with me being I light weight I would have chosen the ECW cause little guys get more of a push there unfortunately its no longer active.

Who do you personally consider out of the K-Star roster, excluding yourself on this one, has the most potential?

Mad dog I think his character is incredible and he knows how to work a crowd his wrestling does need work and he needs to sack the mask but when he is a solid wrestler expect him to be a top draw for K-Star because he does know how to entertain, I’ve seen him train and he puts 110% effort into it so watch him closely cause he going to do very well in the future.

Where do you expect from K-Star and yourself in the nest 12 months?

I expect for K-Star to get the respect it deserves bigger crowds and keep its high standard of shows and to go on to better its standard I expect myself to gain a lot more experience and to be recognized as one of Britain’s top draws (hopefully)

Well Carl I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview, are there any last thoughts you would like to say to the Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101 readers before we close?

Come and support English wrestling by watching K-Star and other British shows so we can put British wrestling back on the map.

Thanks for doing this interview, and on behalf of all the staff and readers of Talk Wrestling Online / Wrestling 101 I would like to wish you luck in your future and to K-Star promotions

Anyone wishing to see K-Star promotions or find out more about them and there wrestlers can do by visiting there website

Aaron Spencer