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TNA: From the Inside (Full column)

Feeling not just fully clean, but zestfully clean getting ready for the weekend with another edition of From the Inside with Jeremy Borash.

I really enjoyed the show last week, with the general backstage morale very high after the event.  The excitement and anticipation for what the future brings in TNA has everyone a bit anxious.  Everyone put in a real solid performance last week.

Despite Jeff Jarrett heading into the world title match after several days of running a fever, the main event delivered.  Both men worked at the top of their game Wednesday night.

I really enjoyed the Jimmy Hart segment.  The building was really into it, and the response to Jeff Jarrett whipping the hell out of Hart was very interesting.  A section of the audience will get behind Jeff Jarrett no matter what he does, while others showed their absolute disgust for the actions of Jarrett. 

Sonjay Dutt had another impressive outing as well and will likely become a TNA mainstay.  Dutt will challenge X-Division champion Michael Shane this Wednesday night.

AJ Styles once again proved why he is the human highlight reel with his amazing somersault flip over the top rope and over the rail.  I keep a highlight reel of AJ Styles after ever match for video editing purposes, and it gets longer every week.

Had a chance to talk to Alan Funk, who has really has had a rough couple of months.  He suffered a freak injury in the ring in Finland a few weeks back, leaving his face a mess.  He is one of the nicest, most talented guys in the business.  Alan is optimistic about returning to the ring, with a Japan tour he hopes to make in January.  He really is one of wrestling’s good guys and I’m rooting for him.

Abyss continues to impress.  Going to Puerto Rico for a year and working every night of the week transformed him into an absolute machine in the ring.  He is good.  Main event good.

Abyss has a favorite saying, that when heard for the first time, is hysterical.  I really can’t repeat it, but I’ve heard it so many times now that it is not funny to me anymore.  I have now placed a ban on the statement, with a quarter fine to be paid every time he says it.  It has gotten so bad that he now pays me in advance to cover himself.  Obviously this meager quarter business isn’t working, as he has paid me a total calculated amount of $12.25 since the ban was placed.  Since the quarter fine has not served as much of a deterrent, I have now decided to give all proceeds from the ban to the homeless people that constantly bombard us on a nightly basis in downtown Nashville asking for money, which Abyss believes only encourages them.  Therefore my fine implementation now serves as a double jeopardy if said statement is used.

Abyss will get a rematch with Kid Kash this Wednesday night.

Chris Sabin’s eye looks like he was pimp slapped by Ike Turner.  He had cut it wide open earlier in the week, but was able to compete against The Fallen Angel and X-Division Champion Michael Shane.

TNA is the only wrestling company in the world broadcasting in HD.  If you have the iN-Demand HD package, you can see TNA Xplosion every Tuesday night.

Some of the vets have told me they haven’t seen morale among talent anywhere like TNA.  The attitude is so good now that the boys are pretty much patrolling themselves, with the one or two attitude problems sticking out like a sore thumb and being dealt with from within.  Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but for the most part I think everyone is there because they have a real passion for what they do.

Dutch Mantel is a take no s*#t type of guy.  He’s still fair, but won’t pull a punch in telling you what he thinks. 

TNA office addition Tim “T-Bag” Welch is handling the very popular “Fan of the Week” contest we do at the TNA Asylum.  It is a no win situation for me, as there are many fans who deserve the prize, but only a select few get picked, thus getting heat from the fans for not picking them.  So I did the smart thing and pass the heat off to the new kid.   

It has been great catching up with Jimmy Hart the past couple of days at the TNA offices.  He is one of a kind. 

After the boxing kangaroo story from last week, a fan by the name of Anita brought me a stuffed kangaroo at the show Wednesday night.  Word has surfaced that another boxing kangaroo by the name of “Kidd Quick” has been making the circus rounds in Canada.  No word yet on whether or not fellow Canadian Scott D’Amore has any previous association with said performing kangaroo. 

Raven’s answering machine is always fun to call.  This week he lambastes the mother of TNA wrestler Glenn Gilberti for her poor contribution to the genetic makeup of planet earth. 

Speaking of Gilberti, he and David Young will face America’s Most Wanted this Wednesday night.   

The TNA DVD’s are selling incredibly well, with most people taking the “buy all 3” option for a lower price.  I watched the best of the title matches last night, and it is great.  I especially liked the commentary that the talent inserted talking about the matches.  Check out the website to order.

Vampiro vs. Raven has been announced for this Wednesday night, as well as Don Harris & Eric Watts vs. The Red Shirt Security.  Jimmy Hart has promised something big for Jeff Jarett as well.  Look for more matches to be announced early in next week.

Don’t forget to check out the free TNA pre-show available to cable outlets 30 minutes prior to showtime every Wednesday night.  This is the perfect way to get yourself kept up to date with all the happenings at TNA Wrestling before you order the PPV.

Have a great weekend and we will see you this Wednesday!

Jeremy Borash