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WWE: Droz pays tribute to Hawk

Once again, sorry about no article being posted last week, we got it sent in but there was confusion once again. I am not sure if any of you are really concerned, but the only two matches I missed were John Cena to win and A-Train to win, who both ended up losing. I cry B.S., when are they going to show the big hairy some love and have him beat up on Benoit.

Last week was a real tough week. On Monday I found out that Hawk had passed away in his sleep early Sunday morning. As with anyone passing, it came as a complete shock, but this especially hit home hard because of who he was. When I first broke into the business and started wrestling for the WWE Animal and Hawk took me under their wing and took care of me on the road in many different ways. Being that I was the young new guy in the group (a very elite group) they showed me what it was like to be involved with big time wrestling. Many people talk about the Road Warrior Rush and I can tell you first hand having lived it, there is nothing quite like it. When you would hear Hawk say, “Oooooooooooh What a Rush!” you could feel the electricity coming from the crowd. I was privileged and honored that they took me in and allowed me to become one of their brothers. Behind Hawk’s gruff exterior, and boy he could be gruff sometimes, was a guy who would give you the shirt off his back and do anything in his power to help you out. It was funny when we did the “Brawl for All” somehow Hawk and I ended up paired against each other. We both figured that the office was having a little fun with us because neither one of us wanted to fight each other. We went back and forth and they called it a draw in the end. Hawk decided that he would rather have me go on since I was the youngster of the group and that I should make him proud. I went out and beat Savio Vega and then got robbed against Bradshaw (and he knows it!!!) Anyway, there were so many good times with Hawk and over the years after my injury I still talked to him off and on. It was actually two weeks before they ended up in Philly that he told me he was going to be there, and we were both really happy that we would be able to hook up again. He and Animal both looked in great shape and I was really hoping that things would work out for him.

From talking with Hawk, things were going really well in his life, and he and some of the other wrestlers were doing missionary work using wrestling as their draw. I knew that he and his wife were building a new house and he said that everything was going so wonderfully. I have said this many times before, make sure that you keep in contact with people from your past because you never know when things may happen. I am sure that Hawk, when he met the man upstairs, kicked the gates in, and gave out his patented, “Oooooooooooh What a Rush!” I will miss you brother.

I am heading out this week to St. Louis to start up at the Rehab Facility. I am not really sure how long I’m going to be away, or what will be involved, so I am kind of going in blind. This is something that I definitely need to do, and looking back of course, I should have gotten in sooner, but you can’t dwell on the past. It’s going to suck leaving everything behind, in fact my father just took Navarra to the kennel and I will really miss having her slobber on me at night. I am planning on keeping the article up as of right now and letting all of you know how things are going. I will have to wait and see if I will be able to watch the shows or not. Hopefully if I have to, I will have the office send the tapes to me and try to check them out when I can. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and I hope to be writing to you real soon.

I want to send a happy birthday wish out to my brother in law Craig who turns 35 on Monday, and to my cousin Jason who turns 21 on Halloween. I would also like to leave my thoughts and prayers to all of our troops and their families around the world.

Until Next Week…

Droz – Peace