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WWE: Heyman’s Shocking Confession! features an interview with Paul Heyman, plus comments from Tazz, Chris Benoit, and Big Show talking about Heyman.

Heyman talked about how he lost weight: “The reason for it (the weight loss is) I can eat better when I’m home. I feel better with less weight. The way I did it was by having sex with my girlfriend. She’s a remarkably sexual woman, and she provides me with as much exercise as I could ever get in the gym.”

Heyman talked about his rep for being blunt and not being diplomatic with his views: “I’m flattered by the recognition of my abrasiveness. I’m blunt. In an industry where diplomacy carries as much weight as the context and content of your suggestions, I choose to be blunt, and willing to suffer the consequences based on that… I have no desire in life to be unhappy, and I can only be happy if I accept myself for who I am and what I am, strengths and weaknesses. I’d rather be held in contempt for who I am than loved for who I am not. I’m me. I have opinions. I welcome anybody else with differing opinions to engage in discussion with me. I don’t shy away from it. I actually enjoy it. I learn from it.”

Heyman laughed when asked about his future in WWE: “I’m surprised I’m still here. I am waiting in anxious anticipation for the moment where enough people here realize, ‘Oh, he’s back? My God, get rid of him. We didn’t want him back here.’ I’m surprised I’m still here.”

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