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NWA-TNA: 26/11/03 Report

They showed their video recap, and then the cameras opened on Scott Hudson in the parking lot with Jimmy Hart and Dusty Rhodes. They’re going to “pick out” nine fans to hit Jeff Jarrett with leather straps in tonight’s lumberjack match. They didn’t guarantee he’d sell.

Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show, and the lights went out. Jarrett entered with Don Callis and Red Shirt Security. He talked smack about bringing the fight to Hogan, and said Hogan’s career was done. He went on about Hogan, saying he didn’t have the balls to show up. He declared Hogan’s career was dead, and asked for a ten belt salute. They asked for a moment of silence and showed a funny picture of Hogan. Jarrett didn’t even allow ten rings. He said he was going to beat up Dusty Rhodes tonight, and told the whole locker room they’re with him or against him.

Not the best opening, the crowd seemed mixed on Hogan. I’m making a turkey tomorrow.

Erik Watts entered to “spice” things up. Watts got all excited about being the Director of Authority. He said he booked the main event tonight, and next week it would be A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett. Abyss jumped Watts from behind, and then dragged him to the ring. Jarrett and the Red Shirts started beating on him, but Americas Most Wanted, Styles, and Raven made the save.

Hudson interviewed Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger. David Young & Glenn Gilberti looked on.

(1) Kid Kash defeated Low Ki. Christopher Daniels sat with Tenay and West. He said he wouldn’t talk about his beliefs, just his goals. His goal is to be X-Division Champion. Kash and Ki had a cool eight minute match. There was some nice mat work and some brutal spots. Kash hit a nice fisherman’s shoulder breaker, and followed up with a sweet submission series on the injured neck. Low Ki hit his bridged double underhook suplex, which owns. All and all, cool moves and good physiology. They didn’t get a ton of time (not bad though), and the ending was kind of lame, though done well. After a top rope powerbomb reversal into a hurracanrana, Low Ki was looking good. They had a counter war, but Daniels hit Ki in the back as he came off the ropes. Kash hit a roll up for three.

Match Value: $1.75.
Hudson interviewed Don Callis and The Red Shirts. Callis said Abyss would crush Sharkboy tonight. Northcutt and Legend mumbled generic crap to Raven.

(2) Abyss (w/Don Callis) defeated Shark Boy. What a shocker. Actually this was a fun little squash. Shark was allowed a rally or two, at one point in actual control. He had Abyss ready for the Dead Sea Drop, but Abyss got out of it. He tried for the drop torture rack, but Shark slipped out. He came off the rope at about four minute and took the black hole slam for three. After the match Abyss hit Sharky with the drop torture rack, and then power bombed him through a table.

Match Value: $1.00. A dollar may seem a bit high, but it was actually a good little match.

Hudson (he’s good) interviewed Raven. Raven said he didn’t care about having to face both Legend & Northcutt tonight. He said it was just saving him time on his march to Jarrett. He mentioned putting out Ryan Wilson, James Mitchell, Slash, Sinn, and Vampiro. Good point. C.M. Punk & Julio Dinero entered and asked Raven for quality time. Raven walked away. Punk & Dinero said Raven would see how they felt about him tonight.

They showed a video of X hitting the package piledriver on Sabin three weeks ago.

(3) Chris Sabin defeated X. See, I knew X was coming in to put those guys over. Okay match with some great spots. X managed to keep up, and even hit two flip splashes from the top. The second one was on the outside, setting Sabin up to drag X in, hit the cradle shock (impressive on a big dude like X), and got the three. There were several high spots, including a really well hit flip dive from Sabin.

Match Value: $1.25. Solid seven minute match. The styles didn’t mix perfectly, but the spots were good.

Jimmy Hart started picking fans from the audience.

A video aired of Raven’s battle with the Red Shirts, and his relationship with Punk & Dinero.

(4) Raven defeated Legend(w/Kevin Northcutt). Raven had to defeat Legend, then go right on to Northcutt. After five minutes of decent action Raven hit a quick Evenflow DDT on Legend for three.

Match Value: 50 cents.

(5) Raven wrestled Kevin Northcutt(w/Legend) to a no contest. Legend tried to get involved real early, but Raven hit him with a chair. Raven then hit Northcutt, but Abyss came in and slammed Raven. Callis and The Red Shirts brought a table into the ring, but Styles made the save. The heels started to gain control back, but Dinero & Punk came in and routed them, continuing their alliance to Raven.

Match Value: 25 cents.

The recapped the X-Division triple chance tournament. Shane and Dutt both did average, brief promo videos.

(6) Michael Shane defeated Sonjay Dutt to retain the X-Division Title. Shane Douglas and Traci were watching and taking notes. They eventually got involved, cheering Dutt from ringside. Pretty fast paced action gave way to some nice move combinations. Dutt had one really nice rally while he was getting cheered by Douglas. Shane hit his fisherman’s DDT, and was upset Dutt didn’t stay down. Dutt had control after seven minutes, and hit an up and over diving reverse DDT. He awkwardly released the pin to drag Shane into position for the Hindu Press. He hit a Hindu Press on Shane’s legs, and Shane pulled him on top of him. Dutt never got the three, because Douglas turned on Dutt and distracted the ref. Shane nailed Dutt with a chain and got the cheap three. After the match Douglas announced Shane as the new franchise (whatever).

Match Value: $1.50.

Rhodes cut a promo, and he looked like hell. He said he was a national treasure, and that’s why he deserves to still be in the ring. Styles entered and said next week he would prove Jarrett can’t compete with him.

(7) Three Live Krew (B.G. James & Ron Killings & Konnan) defeated Simon Diamond & Glenn Gilberti & Johnny Swinger to win the “vacant” NWA Tag Team Titles. America’s Most Wanted sat with Tenay and West. They wanted to make things fair. After a good tag match, David Young tried to run in on Three Live Krew. AMW got involved, and ended up taking out Swinger. Killings capitalized and pulled off his front suplex for three. America’s Most Wanted stared down 3LK and held the belts, but eventually gave them over.

Total Value: $1.25. Nothing spectacular, but an enjoyable three on three match. I don’t like this three people with two belts thing, but whatever. The look on James’ face when he held up the belt was priceless. That’s not sarcasm, he had a big smile on his face. You could tell he was happy to be a tag champ again.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper was on video hitting a punching bag person. He talked about Johnny Cash being buried in Nashville. He said he was a fan of humanity. The working class, etc.

Can’t help it, I like Piper.

Where’s Frankie Kazarian anymore?

(8) Jeff Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes wrestled to a no contest in a fan appreciation match. Yeah, this pretty much blew. Jarrett got thrown out twice, and he got whipped. Jarrett ended up whipping on Rhodes. Jimmy Hart charged into the ring to help Rhodes. Callis was next, but Watts followed him. Watts chokeslammed Jarrett, and my cable gave out. I got the please wait message. It came back on and it was a big chaotic mess. The Red Shirts and Styles were in, and Styles attacked Jarrett.